Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Official: I'm A Big Kid~

True Story: I was playing "mama" with my friend's two children and had just picked them up to take them out for pizza. I borrowed their mom's car instead of transferring the car seats to my Honda Accord, grabbed the diaper bag and we were off on our pepperoni pizza adventure.
And as we sat in the parking lot singing "I Got The Moves Like Jagger," out loud and sans the radio (it's the 2 year old's favorite song, btw) while simultaneously waiting for me to finish testing my blood sugar and all of us to collectively finish the song.
For the record - Normally I would have just tested in the pizza joint because quite frankly, that's how I roll. 
But yours truly had to carry my handbag, a ginormous diaper bag (not to mention a two year old,) and hold-on tight to a six year old's hand and cross said parking lot in order to actually set foot in the pizza joint .
So yeah, it was just so much easier for me to test in the car - And before my hands were full.
Anyway back to the story. Out of the blue, my friend's son suddenly asked: Hey Kelly, are you a grown up or a kid?
Did I mention that this boy is 6 and smarter than most?
I met his gaze in the rear-view and said: What do you think, B?
And he stared back at me in the mirror for a good 10 seconds and than nodded, smiled and said: Yeah, you're a kid. What's your blood sugar?
Me: 117 - Thanks for asking, now let's go get some slices!

And that's exactly what we did - And a wonderful time was had by all the kids that day!
And this kid still smiles every time she thinks about it - And hopes you do too~


Unknown said...

LOVE!!!!! Coolest big kid EVAH!!!!!!

I love that you load up your pal's kiddos and go live life with them. That's very special, ya know.

117 -- Pizza? Bring it.

PS - My robot word is "sitenex". Man...sounds like an uber cool pump site that streams movies or something!

Cara said...

<3 this so much! I wanna be a kid forever. :)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

big smiles!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! That made me smile :)

Unknown said...

Me too. A big kid. It's what all the cool adults aspire to be. :)

Great story.

And. Wendy is right...pretty special that you hang with the kiddos girl.

StephenS said...

Very, very nice. Stay a kid forever.