Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diabetic Rhapsody

Two posts in one day? So much for resting my splinted finger - CRAY to the Z, but this so cool that it's totally worth it. 
I saw the following video on  the fabulous Our Diabetic LIfe's D Mama Meri Schuhmacher's facebook page (I learn so much from her,) and it's quickly making the round on many a DOCer's facebook page, including mine. 
And personally, I've already watched it like 10 times - And it totally blows what's left of my mind. 
All the diabetes realities in one music video and A'la Bohemian Rhapsody - Freddie Mercury would be so proud!
And as far as Jacob and his amazing Diabetes family are concerned - I just want to hug them!!!
Here's a link to video's youtube page - Let Jacob & Company know what you think.

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