Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big, Blue, Global & Life Saving - And Did I Mention It's Easy?

What is The Big Blue Test? Well It's big; it's blue,(the color of diabetes) it's global, it's easy  and it's good for you - So there's that. AND to top it off,  it's also life saving for those people around the world in desperate need of diabetes supplies & services.
Up until World Diabetes Day on November 14th, you can see how 14 to 20 minutes of exercise has a positive affect on your blood sugar  - AND help someone else living with diabetes in the process. 
And it's REALLY easy guys. All you need to do is: 
1. Test your blood sugar.
2. Workout for 14 to 20 minutes  - And you don't have to go crazy either. Take a walk, ride your bike, do sit ups, clean your bathroom  or organize your shoe closet - Just move and be active! 
3. Then after the 14 to 20 minutes are up, test your blood sugar again and log the results at 
If the Big Blue Test reaches its goal of 20,000 entries by November 14th, $100,000 in diabetes supplies and services will be donated to PWDs (people with diabetes) who are in desperate need of diabetes supplies/services.
And you can can do the Big Blue Test & submit your entries as often as you like. 

Bottom Line: Participating in The Big Blue Test  just once, or on a daily, every other day, and or weekly basis has a positive impact on your life and it can actually save someone else's life.  And that those are wonderful things anyway you look at them! 

Here's the video for this years Big Blue Test - And not only is it awesome video and song - You get to see some very familiar DOC faces that we all know and love! 

** OK, I just did the Big Blue Test at lunch. My blood sugar was 170, I walked for 20 minutes and now my blood sugar is 133 - I'll take it! 

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Sara said...

I've been doing well when the weather is nice but it's rained a few times and then my couch is just so comfy!

Donations! I need to focus on the donations!!!