Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waiting IT Out.

Like it or not, diabetes makes us develop patience and fine tunes our waiting skills and makes us remember that hope does indeed float~

 The terms  "waiting it out" and waiting out refers to all types of things when it comes to living with diabetes. 
Sometimes we have to wait out a low blood sugar 15 grams of carbs at at time. We have to wait out the hunger, the fear and the fact that we think that our blood sugar will never go up. And while we’re waiting we try our best to calm ourselves down & keep it together - and not just for ourselves, but also for the people we love.
Other times a high blood sugar forces us to wait it out for hours and it can seem like forever. And sometimes no matter how much we correction bolus ( or rage bolus,) our blood sugars just won't come down. And no matter how many tears of frustration we shed or how loud we curse, we still have to wait for what has gone up to work its way done - And it's  frustrating as hell!
We wait it out in doctors offices (checkout the flickr group Waiting with Diabetes for actual photographic evidence) for hours and hours and hours - And if we could tally all those hours we spend waiting I’m sure it would equal at least a day... maybe even two.
And before we actually make it into the doctors office, we wait out the results of our labs and wait it out until we actually get the results and sit down with our Endo. 
During the time that we spend waiting our labs out, we play all sorts of mind games in the form of “what ifs” because of the stress we put on the meaning of those results - And the meaning others put on those results. 
Waiting it out requires patience and tenacity all rolled into one - And waiting it out forces us to pick ourselves up and forge ahead - Even when that’s the last thing we feel like doing.
We are forced to wait it out when it comes to that to our insurance companies and whether or not they'll approve life saving diabetes technologies like insulin pumps,  CGM's, test strips and insulin. How many times have we waited it out four our insurance to approve and or limit the number of times they think we should test our blood sugars or the type of insulin we like verses the type of insulin our insurance will actually pay for? We wait out the bullshit while writing letters and getting our doctors to write letters to our insurance companies  - instead of just sitting pretty and accepting their denials.

As PWDs (people with diabetes) we wait out injuries that might take longer to heal because of our faulty pancreases , and we keep on going.
And we’ve spent decades and decades waiting on a cure for diabetes - And each of us has been told that a cure was just 5 to 10 years down the pike from all of our collective diagnoses. And in 2012 we are all still waiting for a diabetes cure - And I gotta tell you - it's getting old. 

Bottom line: waiting it out when it comes to living with diabetes requires us to be strong and waiting out requires us to be vocal as hell when it comes to out health and a diabetes cure.... And waiting it out requires us to never give up!

How do you  "wait it out" when it comes to diabetes? 

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Jenn said...

I wish I would have "waited out" my eating for my low last night. I wouldn't have had to "wait out" my high this morning.

Thank you for the reminder, it is truly appreciated.