Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Diabetes Fact: We Are ALL Diabetes Sheroes & Heroes

I’ve written on the subject of Diabetes Super Sheroes & Heroes several times in the past, but the other day a friend and I were chatting and the subject came up again. And then I started writing a post on the subject, and then I lost said post because my work computer crashed and I was really pissed, especially after dealing with software support for 2 hours yesterday. But I’m Diabetes Super Shero, damn it!  So you can bet your sweet a$$ I wrote it all over again!   

Diabetes Fact: EVERY single person living with diabetes or caring/loving someone with diabetes is a Diabetes Super Hero/ Shero! 
And we are strong and tenacious with hearts of gold and fingertips of steal. 
We are our own League of Extraordinary People With Diabetes & the Diabetes Justice League all rolled into one. 
We Diabetes Sheroes and Heroes come in all shapes and sizes - And WE ROCK. 
We battle high/low blood sugar issues daily, but not always in a single bound. 
We D Sheroes and Heroes continually bust diabetes myths & stereotypes while spreading diabetes validation 24 X 7, 365 days and without a day off t recharge our diabetes Mojo. 
And our Diabetes Super Powers Are Many: We can calculate the carbs on our plate without skipping a beat in the conversation we’re currently having.
 We can figure our how to adjust our insulin so that we can workout without going low & are Diabetes Savants when it comes to dividing by 15 or 12. 
We are masters of high tech communication skillz, be it in online forms of blogs, emails, Social Media, the twitter, Facebook, and Diabetes Communities, or communication devices that attache to our bodies, and take on the forms of;  insulin pumps, CGMs & glucose meters.
We  shoot up/ bolus/ test our blood sugars all types of stealth like and without out the public knowing. 
NEWS FLASH: Some Diabetes Heroes are classified as honest to goodness Ninjabetic - True story. 
As Diabetes Super Sheroes/ Heroes we have our villains and they come in many forms, including but not limited to; ignorance, media muck-ups snake oil salesman, miracle cures, high and low blood sugars, diabetes complications, insurance issues, know it alls and everything else in between.
 But we D Sheroes and Heroes are resilient and strong and we make it our business to educate and succeed despite our faulty pancreati or batshit crazy metabolisms.
Side Bar: The only thing that we Diabetes Heroes with Type 1 can’t do is make insulin - Everything else is game on. 
Many of us living the diabetes life have worn our Dcapes so long that you might think that they’d get tattered and torn, but that’s not the case. 
Like our lives, no matter how many times our capes have been tossed through the diabetes wringer, they come out the side stronger and wiser,
Others capes are brand spanking new but once put on, they feel like they’ve been worn forever. 
Some Diabetes Super Heroes & Sheroes are part cyborg and wear a utility belt with insulin pumps and cgms, while other D Super Heroes rock the MDIs (multiple Daily Injections) anytime, anyplace and anywhere. 
Some Diabetes Heroes/Sheroes with T2 rock the oral meds. 
And those 1.5 Diabetes Sheroes & Heroes work hard to educate the public that they exist and are real - As are their D Super Powers. 
Some Diabetes Heroes/Sheroes are canine - And can sniff out a low blood sugar before you can say: What the fructose! 
But regardless of the many types of Diabetes, type 1,  type 1.5, type 2, Type Awesome, (this means you Dmama’s, D Papa’s, D spouses/partners & D Siblings ----> 3D Type Triple Threat  and in all dimensions) we are all Diabetes Super Sheroes Heroes in my book, 

So wear your well deserved DCapes proudly & fly high - Because each of us living with diabetes has more  than earned the right to wear them! 


Moira said...

Can I wear a PINK cape? This is a great post. For oh so many reasons. Hmmm .. blue goes better with my eyes. Okay, any jewel color will do.

Unknown said...

I was just thinking this morning that everyone living with Diabetes should get some type of badge of honor to wear around to let everyone know they/we are badass.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...


Pearlsa said...

I love it, we are Sheroes and Heroes!

StephenS said...

Kelly, this post is so great... thanks for writing this (twice). Sometimes we all need a reminder, and this is mine.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yep, yep! I'm constantly inspired by all of those around me. :-)