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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Diabetes Container Cuteness

Diabetes Brain means that when you see something or hear something none diabetes related, you automatically find way to incorporate diabetes into it, thus making it totally diabetes related. 
Case in point : Last March before I made the big move, I was at Staples buying bubble wrap for said big move. Staples always has a stand with super cheap sale items and I always check it out. And that would be where I saw these containers(see pics below) in an 8 pack for $1. 
Guess who hollered for a dollar? 
When I saw them I was like: I can keep spare diabetes supplies in there! 
And as you can see, that's exactly what I did.
The 2x2 inch containers are perfect for spare batteries, infusion sets, the remainder of the almost empty bottle of glucose tabs I found at the back of my kitchen pantry behind 2 cans of crushed tomatoes and my never ending supply of lancets! 
The other four containers are around somewhere, but these four have been living the diabetes life for almost a year now. 
So do you get all types of jazzed when you find non D items like bags, containers or anything else for that matter that you can find diabetes uses for, and if so please share!  

Am I the only Ddork who gets super excited about this kind of stuff? 

2x2 diabetes container cuteness
Yes, I feel very Martha Stewartish ~


Shannon said...

I was at a dr's office last summer and they had these organizer looking things high up on a shelf. I asked the nurse what they were and she said "Oh I don't know - we never use them. The drug reps dropped them off - do you want one?" I said sure, because all I could picture was keeping my meter and supplies in it. I haven't used it, but I hear ya on seeing something non-D and trying to conform it into BEING d-friendly :) (And what IS it with the endless supply of lancets?? I have that, too. Maybe it's because I don't change my lancets enough - read: ever.)

Rachel said...

You are not alone! I'm always looking at make up and glasses cases as possible meter cases or cute lunchboxes as insulin coolers for trips.

Another symptom of being a d-dork would be seeing a number on Twitter and assuming it's a bg reading!

Cara said...

Nope. I get excited about all kinds of stuff like this. :)

Scott Strange said...

heheh, I do too... I found something a few years ago that is the perfect size for alcohol wipes, skintac, gauze pads etc...

You know when you go buy travel size items? The travel size q-tip containers are plastic and work like a charm

Misty said...

Can I be a D-mama-Dork? My husband thinks I have a problem! I am constantly looking for (and buying..oops!) bags for Ally to carry. "Do you like this one better Ally?" and "Oooh look what I found today, this cute little purse would fit all of your d supplies perfectly."

Brenda F. Bell said...

There are times I've done that (especially when I've needed to make a specific set of supplies fit s specific geometry), but lately I've been seeing things in terms of what size gum-paste or royal-icing flowers they can store... I think I've turned into a cakehead...

Alexis Nicole said...

I do the same thing!

I love little plastic organizers, obsessed really. Super cool!

PancreasticMom said...

I had pump supplies in my closet in a plastic bin...pretty unorganized...just IN there. Then we added a CGM last week and with that a few boxes of sensors and my wee bit of compulsive organizer that lives deep inside began to come out saying we need something better. So...I had recently been given this old piece of furniture...not sure its intended use..but it's some sort of storage cabinet..maybe for CDs? It was sitting empty in a corner of the living room and I thought...hey..that will hold all the cartridge and infusion set boxes and sensor boxes and batteries...and it does! So it is now in my closet not taking up much room and the supplies are organized. Much better:)

katy said...

adorable! look how big and goofy the glucose tabs look in there. EXCELLENT WORK!