Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Powerful Words/Images Wednesday: The To This Day Project~

 To all "the graduating members of the class of WE MADE IT," this one's for you. 
And to those girls in high school who called me roach - YOU WERE WRONG.

To learn about the "To This Day" Project & its amazing author & poet Shane Koyczan, 
click on the following links:

And then tweet those links again, and again, and again! 

Go to youtube & post the video on your facebook page and remind others who have yet to graduate from the class of "WE MADE IT" that they are part of an amazing brother/sisterhood of phenomenal individuals.


Rose Edward said...

That was truly amazing!
I'm still the image they laughed at but I know I'm beautiful inside where it matters.
Still the mean kids grew up. Some are better but some are still silently cruel with their looks of disdain or attempts to ignore me. Guess who's kids are mean now like they were? My child never went to school. I kept him home but the kids lived close enough to us to call him names and hurt him forever. How do we stop this poisoning of our future? Kindness and intolerance to unkindness is the only way.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I saw that today too. Powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing, K2.