Sunday, May 19, 2013

Diabetes Blog Week: Day 6: Diabetes Art.... At My Fingertips~

This 'Diabetes Blog Week' post is a day late, technically it was supposed to be up yesterday - Blame my car's muffler & exhaust pipe cracked 50 miles away from home on Friday night. 

Long & expensive story, but all is well. Anyway, this post is about is about how diabetes inspires art in all it's mediums. I wrote this post back in January 2008, two months after I started my blog - And I still think it rings true today, and And I hope you like it. Click HERE to read/ see more posts about Diabetes Art~


Freckled Finger Tips

My fingers tips are freckled with dots.
Dots that rest on callouses,
Calluses caused by continually pricking them with a lance,
Which pierces my finger tips for a blood drop -
A blood drop that is placed on a strip.
A strip that is placed in a machine
A machine that's a quick study.
5 seconds later a number appears
If the number is high, I feel tired and guilty
And I bolus accordingly.
If the number is low
I already know before it appears,
I shake, sweat, and feel light headed

My appetite is insatiable.

Quickly I grab the juice box and I try my best to remember the rule:
15 carbs at a time to treat a low blood sugar - yeah right!
If it's in the golden range of Blood Sugar Nirvana - I'm proud and relieved..
Until the cycle starts all over again. 
And the blood sugar testing never ends.
I find test strips everywhere,
And in places they were never meant to be.
The type 3's in my life yell at me regarding my test strip trail
I will never be a hand model...But that's Ok, 

Because life is sweet and I go with the flow~

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Kelley said...

Aw I really like this poem :)