Friday, June 7, 2013

Diabetes Weirdness: Ape Crazy Allergies & Blood Sugar Nirvana

Sorry I've been MIA the past few days, but things have been a bit nuts on this end - And on top of all the nuttiness, my allergies have been going ape sh*t crazy and have me coughing, sneezing, stuffed up, all sore throaty and sounding like a man, baby!!

But ironically, my blood sugars have been good - Like Blood Sugar Nirvana, good. 

Which of course I'm very grateful for but find interesting and a little perplexing none the less.
Sidebar: I realize that by writing that my blood sugars have been good and putting that fact out on the internetz, will almost certainly cause the Blood Sugar Nirvana to cease, but I digress. 

Maybe the copious amounts of Blood Sugar Nirvana have something to do with the fact that the only things I feel like eating are chicken/ Matzaball soup, Edy's Popsicles, red grapes and massive amounts of ginger tea and maybe coughing and sneezing actually are more of a workout than anyone ever thought - And if that's the case, I should have abs of steel by the end of the week ;)   
But the ape Sh*t allergies  and Blood Sugar Nirvana combo have me a little weirded out and wondering if my pancreas has been temporarily kick started by this year's pollen count.

Diabetes Weirdness, I think it might actually be a thing and I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered it as of late - And I'm not just talking about allergies, either. No... I'm talking diabetes weirdness in all dimensions. 

So.... Have you experienced Diabetes Weirdness or am I just weird.... or both?? 

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Rhonda B said...

I have had the exact same thing happen, and it's usually during sickness caused by allergies. Hmmm. But then it also happens if I get a stomach bug from my daughter and spend 3 days puking, etc. The prices we pay for blood sugar Nirvana!