Friday, August 23, 2013

Spinning Like A Top & Monday August 26th is A Special Edition Diabetes Art Day: The #StripSafely Edition

OK, it's been a crazy week in Kelly's world and I'm so sorry for being somewhat MIA in the D blog-O-sphere. 
But when opportunities present themselves as several short term freelance work projects, diabetes or not - You have to go for them - even if they cause temporary chaos in your world in all dimensions - Including schedules, sleep, and clean laundry.  
Next week marks the end short term work projects I was recruited for - and things will go back to normal. And I'll miss the craziness, because even with all the chaos. Being crazy busy is a blessing. 
Crazy busy is a good thing - even when it makes you spin like a top. Spinning is a from of cardio, right? So spinning like a top should totally make me burn calories an lower blood sugars, right?? 

Ironically and not so ironic, diabetes has been cooperating - except for few nasty lows and a couple highs.
Making diabetes work in our schedules is a continual challenge and sometimes it's damn annoying!
But making diabetes work into busy and every changing schedules is doable - It just requires a lot of glucose testing. 
Speaking of glucose testing, Monday August 26th Marks a special Diabetes Art Day - The StripSafely Edition.  Clink on the previous links and learn all about it - And also see some inspiring Dart!! 
And gather up your used tests trips, teststrip bottles, test strip boxes, and create something based on your feelings regarding glucose testing, accuracy & everything else in between! Also, art takes many mediums so if you find yourself low on tests trips - Draw a picture or write a poem about your feelings and dust them with whatever used teststrips you have. 
I for one welcome a little art therapy - And I need it! Embrace your inner Picasso and go for it!

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Tim Brand said...

Glad you got some projects out of the way and D didn't interfer too much. Look forward to seeing D Art day Strip safely thingy. I've take the whole month of August off from blogging to get things done on my house/other stuff. Need a little more room now, lol. Keep blogging, your a difference maker in a lot of lives! See you around.