Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tonight @ 8pm, EST - The DOC Will Mass Tweet Their Reps In DC To #StripSafely!!

I know I've been obsessed with stripping safely as of late - But I vividly remember the days of urine testing and fuzzy blue pills. I remember meters taking 3 minutes to test and lancing devices that hurt like hell. And lastly I remember the damage that was done to people I knew and loved & who are not longer here, because we didn't have diabetes technology not so very long ago.

Tonight, at 8pm (directly after the Diabetes Hands Foundation webinar with Act-Up's Peter Staley, register HERE and directly before tonight's #dsma chat) the twitterverse is going to go more than a little nuts as #StripSafely kicks off their twitter campaign en mass & the DOC tweets their reps in Washington to #StripSafely!!!
And you can be a part of it - All you to need to do is go HERE, find your State Reps, click after there name where it says :"Tweet about meeting", then work your #stripsafely tweet magic!

Here's my tweet: 

.@RepLoBiondo Pls send staff to Diabetes Tech Society Meeting on 9.9.13 w/ @US_FDA & Help diabetics #StripSafely

And you can also tweet your reps a link to the this StripSafely letter:

 Also,please, please, please RT other #StripSafley tweets so #stripsafely can be trending on the twitter. 

Diabetes doesn't care how you vote or what political party you're affiliated with. Diabetes doesn't exclude you if you're a Republican, a Democrat, Independent, or a member of any other political party. 
And people with diabetes need friends in Congress & we need them to help us convince the #FDA that test strip/meter accuracy is crucial for people with diabetes to maintain our good health & our safety! 

Join the #stripsafely twitterlution & lets all get our tweets on tonight! 

To learn more about StripSafely tweet campaign, click HERE & to read their blog post re: the #stripsafely tweet campaign, click HERE

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