Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Beauty Product Whore & Improvising, Diabetes Style~

Good thing I'm a beauty product whore~
Photo courtesy of my iPad

So I've been traveling a lot the past two weeks and my schedule has basically been: Travel day, 3 days in one place, travel day, 3 days home, travel day and 3 days another place, etc.

Anywho, my suitcase has been in a perpetual state of  "packed," except of course yesterday morning, when I was packing up my hotel room & had just changed my infusion set.... And  realized that I'd left my pseudo travel sharps container (an old vitamin bottle clearly marked "Sharps Container in sharpie  & covered in sparkly stickers )" that I always keep in my suitcase.

Luckly for me, not only packed one of my favorite beauty products, Origins Brighter By Nature Brightening Peel with Fruit Acid Pads,  but had just used the last of said pads on my face.
PERFECTO - as a improvised sharps container  - And an awesome exfoliator to boot!
Good thing I'm a beauty product whore~ #fact 

Any creative travel sharp containers and the likes there of in your diabetes arsenal? 

FYI: Origins did not pay me in anyway shape or form to mention their product - Or to use said empty Origins contain as my temporary sharp container. #fact 


StephenS said...

All I can think of is: You need new sparkly stickers.

PancreasticMom said...

Back when I used to change lancets with every bg check (newbie) I had a empty test strip bottle (clearly labeled "Sharps" and with stickers:)) in the D-bag. Now I just change the lancet every morning at home.