Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some Days

Some days happen to the best of us.

I keep looking at my computer screen and all I can think of are the words: 
Some Days
And no matter what other topic I try to write about, all I can focus on are those two words.  

I'm not really sure why - but I know in this particular case, the word combo of some days has everything to do with diabetes - And living with diabetes. 

Maybe it's because some days I feel like I'm in charge of my diabetes and some days diabetes seems to have the upper hand.
Some days diabetes sits quietly in a corner and barely makes a peep.
 And some days diabetes won't shut up. 
Some days diabetes is like a comedy of errors and I laugh out loud at my diabetes.....
And some days diabetes makes me cry.

Some days my diabetes and I work together as a team  - And some days...., not so much.  
Some days diabetes is a bitch and some days I am. 
Some days diabetes plays surprisingly nice~

But regardless of the day, diabetes is always with me. 
And some days I want diabetes to leave me the fuck alone because my brain is tired of diabetes - So is my body. 

Today is one of those 'some days," which is so weird because today diabetes is actually playing really nice. 
Yep, things D wise have been good today. 
But for some reason, today diabetes is bugging the shit out of me for no reason. 
Honestly, I think I just want a moment to myself.  
I've been living with diabetes for over 13,000 days and haven't had a day sans diabetes since I was 8. 
But like it or not, there are no diabetes days off in site.
And it's on "some days" like today, that the Diabetes Online Community makes things better - Just by existing. 

Just by reading a blog post or a tweet or facebook post, the DOC automatically lifts my spirits, makes me smile and makes diabetes in all dimensions less challenging.
And those some days become better days - And that's so awesome!


Anonymous said...

Had one of those days yesterday, and yep - reaching out to the DOC did wonders for me. Sending hugs your way!

@type1MikeC said...

Great post!

NC mountain Bruce said...

Every day is one of those, today sugar behaved, took long walks in the woods, tomorrow, who knows, I'll be shoveling snow for hours with Level gel packs in my pockets. Love your posts!