Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Single On Valentine's Day? Tell Jared To Take A Hike! Be Grateful & #SpareARose, Instead.

I've had my share of romantic Valentine's Days in the past, but not this year.
And I'm OK with that - Except when I turn the television on. 
And then Jared the jeweler and his squawking minions make me feel craptastic. 
Honestly, and forgive me for being so blunt, but Jared's commercials make me say #SCREWJARED (Actually, I use another word instead of screw, but I'm trying to keep classy) out loud every time one of those commercials appear on the screen. And I've heard other singletons say the same thing. 

Those commercials have the ability to make people feel terrible - And much like the holiday those commercials are pitching, they can make you focus on the love you think you don't have - instead of the love that's all around you - And within you. 

But this February 14th isn't about Jared or his wares. This Valentine's Day is about focusing on what I do have - And more importantly, what others don't.  
I'm so incredibly grateful for my wonderful friends and family members who love me and whom I Iove fiercely. I'm blessed to have a strong support system, both in my life and my life with diabetes.
And I'm lucky to have a roof over my head and life saving insulin that's readily available in my fridge.

No V-Day pity party, here. I am loved and I'm incredibly lucky - And single or not, so are you. 

Guys, there are so many people with diabetes in this world who are loved and cherished - But who aren't as lucky or as blessed as we are. They don't have access to the one thing that can save their lives, INSULIN.
And because of that, their lives are shortened - And because their lives are shortened, countless hearts are broken forever.

For the cost one rose ($5)  Spare A Rose, Save A Child will provide 1 month of life saving insulin for a child with diabetes, via the International Diabetes Federation's Life For A Child, program.
Insulin bottles don't sparkle like Jared's jewels, but insulin is a true gift none the less.  

Jared can take a hike, because I do have a Valentine - And so do you. 

And I'm more than happy to #sparearose or two ~ 

Life for a Child

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping spread the word about this, K2! What an incredible difference the community made, yes?