Monday, February 17, 2014

"I Don't Believe In Types. I Believe In People."

The following fantastical Gifs are courtesy of the fan forum for Downton Abbey
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate the isolated video online myself.
Last night like millions of others I watched Downton Abbey, and as always it didn't disappoint. 
In the middle of the episode, the dashing Tom Branson (Irish born former Downton chauffeur, Lady Sybil's Widow, current estate manager & boarderline Socialist,) came to the roadside rescue of Sarah Bunting.
Sarah's a new character on DA - She's a teacher and from what I can tell, a politico who dislikes the upper classes.
When Sarah found out Tom was living with his in-laws (Lord and Lady Grantham) she said: 
who's being snobby now? 
And then Tom Said: 
Wise words from a wise man~ 
Which not only made me love him more, (and this is where the Diabetes Online Community comes in to play,) his wise words to Sarah's comments:
1. Had me a agreeing 100% 
2.  Reminded me that once upon time, I was more like Sarah Bunting than I'd ever care to admit - At least when it came to diabetes types. 
Yep, I'm ashamed to admit that there was a I didn't care to warm up to all the diabetes types."
And I was wrong. 
And then I found the Diabetes Online Community, where I learned (and continue to learn,) every day from all the diabetes "types."
I realized that even though we may not have the same diabetes type, we share many of the same diabetes gifts.
Most importantly I've learned that the Diabetes Online Community isn't about a type, 
it's about people living with diabetes and regardless of the type. 

The DOC is about being there, learning from and supporting one another in life and life with diabetes~
We are in this together! 


Vicki said...

As always, a great post! Love the Downton Abbey reference!

- Vicki.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

LOVE Downton and I totally talked to the TV and said, "yes, yes, yes!" when he said that!!