Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Diabetes Misbehaving & Forging Ahead, But Not Alone.

So, I started writing this post because I was incredibly annoyed with my diabetes exploits last night and today. But then the tone changed when I started writing about the Diabetes Online Community - Now my whole tone for today has changed.
Not a big surprise when you think you about it, but much appreciated!
I could write about how I kept going low last night, even after a dinner that included way too much Italian bread dipped in sautéed garlic and olive oil, or how after said feast I couldn't get above 72 and had to force feed Starbursts to treat the lows that occurred between 8pm and 11pm. 
I could write how I only had coffee for breakfast this morning because of waking up with a 327 blood sugar and how my blood sugar refused to dip below 200 until a little after 1pm, when it finally cracked 188. FYI: Not a ketone in site. 
I could wax on poetic about how I almost pulled out my almost brand spanking new infusion site (yesterday's infusion site was fresh and was working perfectly at 11pm Tuesday night, when my blood sugar was 72,) and how I held off because I was both mad and perplexed at the very thought of an new infusion site crapping out after less than 20 hours. 
And I kept working through all the D muck because that's what you do when you're a grown-up - Even though most of today felt as if I was walking through J-E-L-L-O.
Trust me, I could write a novella on how I just didn't feel like dealing with diabetes bullshit today, and that while it didn't stop me, it sure as hell gave me a headache and annoyed me to know end! 
I tweeted a few of my many D annoyances because my dweeps on twitter were the only ones in my immediate vicinity who actually understood and "got" my frustration. 
And a I received encouragement and understanding from a few others who were dealing with the same exact issues. 

I even received a few texts telling me to hang in there. 
It wasn't the amount of tweets or texts that mattered, because it only takes one other tweet or post or text or comment to prove I wasn't the only one. 
Encouragement and understanding are much needing things when it comes to living with diabetes. 
And now that I'm really thinking about it, today and last night were great reminder that I REALLY am a lucky duck, regardless of miss-behaving numbers or anything else diabetes or life throws my way - even when I'm the only person in the room, or the only person with diabetes in the room. 

Current blood sugar is 145 and I'm forging ahead, but not alone. 
Also: the #dsma chat is tonight, 9pm, EST! Join in conversation and follow the hashtag on the twitter!

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