Monday, September 15, 2014

Today's Post, Inspired By The Hashtags: #Diabetes, #DOC & #WalkwithD

Today's diabetes free write, ( Free write: set the timer for 20 minutes and write about 1. a set subject(s) or 2. whatever pops in your head without stopping & then elaborate) was originally inspired by the following hashtags:  #Diabetes & the #DOC. Then I read Kerri's post asking us to join her on her #walkwithD journey and campaign.
 I'm in and I love it! 
It's totally and completely relatable to anyone living with diabetes and if you haven't already, (which I'm sure you have,) READ IT NOW.  I added the #walkwithD  hashtag to my free write because it inspired me! 
Diabetes doesn’t make me a victim, on the contrary, diabetes has made me a survivor and part of a global D Clan of others who speak the language of diabetes fluently and in all dialects
For the record: Sometimes my diabetes speaks in intangible tongues - just because it can.
 Diabetes doesn’t stop me in my tracks, but there are moments on my #WalkwithD when diabetes forces me to stop, assess and take a few beats and or glucose tabs... before I continue in full speed ahead, mode. 
Sidebar: Sometimes it takes a while to get back in 'full speed ahead,' mode.
And it is in those exasperating moments when I lose my footing, that the DOC helps me forge ahead. 
Diabetes has cultivated patience with myself... and with others - And that’s a really good thing... except when I'm running low in the patience department, which usually happens right around the time I'm running extended high/lows in the blood sugar department.

Living with diabetes is not a character flaw, regardless of what the media says.  

Diabetes requires that I speak up for myself and others - And diabetes also requires that I  listen and learn from others.

Because I have diabetes, I found the Diabetes Online Community - And the DOC showed me that I am NEVER alone in my life and my life with diabetes. 

Diabetes doesn’t keep me in chains. The only chains I wear are the ones that I impose on myself. #fact 

There are moments when diabetes pisses me off - And I have to forcibly remind myself that anger is indeed a great motivator - And it is in those moments where my community totally "gets me." 

Diabetes NEVER takes a day off, even when I do.

Diabetes is indeed a life sentence... LIFE being the operative word.
Most of the time my glass is more than half full because I have access to insulin in a world where so many do not

Like everyone in the DOC, I #walkwithD, ALWAYS. 

And we are in this together!  

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