Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Insulin saves the lives of people living with Type 1 Diabetes. 
It's not a luxury, it's a life saving necessity. 
But not every person who requires insulin around the globe is able to access insulin, easily.
Almost 100 years after the discovery of insulin, people around the globe are still struggling to get insulin. 
That's wrong. Very wrong. 
This year, The Access Alliance created a Tumblr account focusing on the realities of people having limited access the tools of the diabetes trade that are used to save lives.  
Tools including; insulin,diabetes technology, and diabetes education. 
The tagline for the campaign is: Put The World Back In World Diabetes Day. #insulin4all
Checkout the tumblr account and submit your own picture or poster and follow/use the #insulin4all hashtag on twitter. 
I'm all for any and all campaigns that educate the public, right diabetes wrongs,   #sparearose and any and all forms of help for people PWDs who need it! 
We are in this together and someone else's struggle obtaining insulin might very well be our struggle tomorrow. So lets change things now!

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