Monday, December 15, 2014

Yesterday's Wild Blood Sugar Ride From Hell.

As you can see from yesterday's Diabetesalicious Facebook status, late Saturday evening into Sunday afternoon involved a rarely occurring and out of the blue blood sugar ride from hell, a test in patience and a few reminders along the way. 
Sometimes wild blood sugar rides come out of the blue and can take you forever to extricate yourself from. 
Said BG ride from hell leaves you with a continually filling bladder that refuses to empty, small ketones and a long sleepless night that leaves resembling a character out of the Zombie flick. 
Except you don't want or need to eat brains, you want, need and require sleep and the ability to eat your breakfast without fearing ketones and blood sugars in the mid 260s.
And you NEED COFFEE. So against your better judgement, you bolus for and drink a small cup around 9 a.m., so you won't go completely off the deep-end. And regardless of the high blood sugars, you're glad you did. 
You find that you've entered a weirdly Zen state, where you've completely detached yourself from the infuriating numbers on the screen in order to stay calm and conquer them. And because you live by yourself, you're really glad for that weird Zen thing happening and embrace it, because you're afraid of what will happen if you don't.
 And finally, you win.
You feel like you've gone 12 rounds with the devil and fell down a lot. But you crawled back up and you finally won. 
but instead of doing a victory dance around the ring, you circle back to the kitchen, bolus for and eat a slice of toast with peanut butter and then crawl into bed and take nap at 3 pm. 
And as you drift off to sleep, you try not to think about the four zombie infusion sets you went through during the ride and focus on directing thanks to the fact that the blood sugar ride from hell happened on a Saturday night into Sunday, instead of during the week. 
And you're incredibly thankful to be off that fucking ride and vow never go back on it again..... but of course, eventually you will... and you know that. 
And you'll handle it, because you don't have a choice not to. 

The Winner of Friday's KINDSnacks Giveaway is Abby Travis.
Congrats Abby, I'll be sending you an email today to get your shipping address!
And if you didn't win, thanks for entering and keep trying - There are new giveaways on the way!!


Repherb said...

Yeah, i've been on that roller coater ride for over 3 years, sugars flying sky high then crashing for unknown reasons. Feels like I did a round with UFC.

StephenS said...

Sorry you had to endure this. Glad you were able to slay the dragon.