Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Screw You, Snow: Things I’m looking forward to in the next two weeks~

The weather is craptastical,  it’s bumming me out, driving me crazy and I've developed a wicked case of cabin fever! And of course, the weather report predicts anywhere between 5 and 10 inches (of snow, sickos - get your minds out of the gutter. Also: that's what she said,) in the next two days.  
So for this post, I'm focusing on what I’m looking forward to in the next 14 days to get me through the snow.  
Daffodils: I need my daffodil fix. Daffodils remind me of spring and my mother and daffodils are resilient. They poke through the snow and show us that nothing is impossible. Daffodils are my favorite - Daffodils personify hope and make me hopeful.

Spring: I’m looking forward to spring and sunshine and seasonal warm weather - I don’t need 80 degrees in March, temps in the high 40s with lots of sunshine and not snowflake in sight would be downright dreamy. 

Tonight's #DSMA chat at 9PM, EST on the twitter. 
One of hour of chatting with PWDs (people with diabetes) about anything and everything!
It's entertaining, fun, and it will get you through your week! 
Log on to twitter tonight & follow the #DSMA hasthag & the moderator, @DiabetesSocMed

JDRF Greater Chesapeake & Potomac Chapter’s TypeOneNation Research Summit -Saturday, March 7th in Bethesda, Maryland. 
I’m looking forward to learning about the latest and greatest re: diabetes technology, listening to speakers like Gary Scheiner & Dr. William Tamborlane - Just to name a few of many awesome.  I'm also looking forward to participating in the workshops and facilitating a few. 
Click HERE to learn more about the Summit, then click HERE and sign up to attend!!

The Diabetes Unconference, next weekend (March 13-15) in Las Vegas. 
I’m so freaking excited to attend The Diabetes Unconference - Excited to be surrounded by others “who get it," and who speak the language of diabetes in all dialects. 
Being surrounded by other adults with diabetes and regardless of the type - Being part of my amazing D tribe.  
Viva PWDs!! 

Proud Auntie Alert: 
I’m so incredibly proud of my niece, Tess McChesney Kunik for creating the amazing film, Reasons I Want To Recover. The film stars a collective of "artists spreading awareness about eating disorders and disordered eating patterns through dance, sound, poetry, paint, and bravery,”including my Tess SO PROUD  of my brave and talented Tess McChesney Kunik! Please click HERE and watch her outstanding film! 

I’m also looking forward to watching The Mindy Project on March 17th, because my other talented niece,  Cristin Milioti is guest starring! So stoked & proud! Read all about it, HERE.

What are you guys looking forward to in the next few weeks? 
Share if want, or don't. But make sure to focus on the good to get you through the mucky weather! 


StephenS said...

1. Totally agree on daffodils.

2. I will be at the DC JDRF Summit too, and excited to see that Molly McElwee Malloy will be moderating!

3. I will also be at the Diabetes UnConference. Does this mean I'll be in the same place you are on successive weekends? I don't know if I can handle that much excitement.

4. Yay for Cristin.

Laddie said...

Yes, yes, yes to everything you mentioned.

But most importantly, I am looking forward to meeting you at the UnConference. Your diabetes family history is so much rockier than mine (my older sister with T1 smokes and eats crap and is doing as well as I am) and I want to give you lots of hugs to keep in reserve for those times when I am 1000 to 2800 miles away from the Jersey shore.

Susan said...

The DUnconference - I've been anxiously awaiting this for weeks, and with the FB page up am so exited my other half is about ready to push me out the door! He didn't want to go unless he could participate, so I'll find a way to get the other halves involved next year!!
Otherwise - NOT looking forward to flying to Jersey the week after :-( Snow = bad! and Brr!!! And that LaGuardia post didn't help :-(

Mike Hoskins said...

Really looking forward to UnConf in Vegas, but even more-so I'm excited about visiting Michigan and seeing family over the Easter holiday weekend.

Karen said...

I'm currently snowed in as I read this, so right now the only thing I can look forward to is no more freaking snow.

Scott S said...

I think many people are ready for spring to arrive. Having said this, the snowpack in the Northeast guarantees we won't have a drought, but out west where a majority of American produce is grown, isn't so lucky! Even Anchorage, Alaska has had record warmth with winter averaging 40 degrees this year and no snow compared to 107 inches (and counting) in Boston this winter.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting up with you and everyone else in Las Vegas next week!! See you there!!

Unknown said...

Will you help us spread awareness about the Type 1 Diabetes Egg Crack Challenge? and

It is in honor of my good friend who passed away at 22! Email for more info.

Great blog by the way!