Saturday, October 31, 2015

Diaversary: Thirty-Eight Years Of Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Today marks 38 years of living this diabetes life. This day brings up all sorts of emotions - but I try and focus on the positive because that's what works for me. 
I know that living and surviving all that life has to offer - diabetes or not, is a privilege that not everyone gets to have. With that being said, here are 38 things I'm grateful for~
38 Things That Make Me Happy
  1. I’m still learning  - I love that I’m still learning about life and life with diabetes
  2. I’m still becoming - Yes, certain aspects of my personality are carved in stone - but I love that I’m still evolving and becoming - and that I still want to evolve and become
  3. Cheese - Cheese makes me happy. I LOVE CHEESE
  4. The ocean - it centers me, it makes me feel whole. The ocean calms me and excites me and it welcomes me with open arms
  5. The first cup of coffee in the morning
  6. A cup of tea in the afternoon
  7. Daffodils - I love daffodils so much. They make me feel all sunshiny and they remind me of my mother. Daffodils are resilient and remind me that I am resilient - I embrace the daffodils every chance I get!
  8. Flowers - I love flowers 
  9. Gardening - I’ve been a gardener for a good 15 years - and I come from a long line of women who tended to gardens and made things grow. Gardening relaxes me, gives me a feeling of accomplishment and connects me to the women in my family who came before me - and having that connection gives me great comfort and joy
  10. Dogs - dogs are fucking awesome 
  11. Peanut-butter - Peanut Butter always makes me feel better
  12. Glass Beach at low tide and after storm. I can’t tell you where Glass Beach is - it’s a secret that only select few know about. But I can tell you that Glass Beach reveals its many treasures to those who are patient and weather the storms. Glass beach makes me notice all the little reveals that end up being treasures
  13. Cooking - I love to cook. Cooking relaxes me, gives me a sense of accomplishment and cooking gives me confidence. I love cooking for others and myself - but not a huge fan of the cleanup 
  14. My nieces and nephews - I love every single one of my nieces and nephews. They are 12 magnificent and individual pieces of art and I love them 
  15. My friends children and CWD - They make me smile, they make me laugh and their hugs keep me going
  16. The Diabetes Online Community - Without the DOC, I’d don’t what my life would be like. But I do know it wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful. I LOVE THE DOC
  17. Photography - When I was little I loved having having my picture taken - And I loved sneaking shots on my sister’s camera. As a college student I was always taking pictures of friends and family. As an adult, I reignited my passion for pictures a few years ago, after my mother died. Photography allows me to notice everything around me - and if I’m lucky, capture emotions and beauty in the process
  18. Traveling - I love to travel - I need to travel more
  19. Music - music makes me happy. Some music makes me sad. But music always brings up emotions and that’s a good thing
  20. A really gorgeous coat. Sounds crazy, but I love COAT PORN - and by 'coat porn,’ of course I’m referring to gorgeous, tailored, spectacular coats that are unique and beautiful. Yep, I am my mother’s daughter
  21. Gentle Stretch Yoga - give it a try - it will change your life
  22. Movies - I get lost in movies  - I love movies - except for horror movies - they freak me the fuck out
  23. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - they are the perfect american chocolate
  24. European and Canadian Chocolate - No additives, creamy, delicious, life changing chocolates 
  25. Red wine
  26. Good Books - Good books take me to a different world and inspire me. Good books are great friends 
  27. Speaking of friends - I love my friends and I am so grateful to have them in my life 
  28. Speaking of friends - I’d be absolutely lost without my sister Cathy  
  29. Prosecco 
  30. Sharing a bottle of prosecco with good friends
  31. Making new friends. As we get older, it gets harder to make friends - I’m glad that I’m still making new friends  - and I will try my best to continue with the new friend trend~
  32. Live theater - Live theater is thrilling and emotional and takes you to a different plane. I love watching live theater and I miss being on the stage
  33. Vodka Martini’s - I love Lemon Drop and Cosmos  
  34. Short acting insulin - I’d be dead without insulin - I am incredibly blessed to have access to insulin - especially short acting  - and I thank the heavens every day for insulin - But I wish it wasn’t so f*cking expensive!
  35. Cupcakes - they are perfect size of delicious contentment in a bolus worthy, desert form
  36. Meeting other people with diabetes in the wild - the ‘me too’ of it all gives all sorts of fuzzy feelings
  37. I appreciate a really good shoe or a kickass pair of boots
  38. Sunsets - Every sunset is beautiful and different  - And at the end of the day when I look up at a sunset sky - it always takes my breath away, makes me appreciate living in the now.
No matter the sunset sky - it always takes my breath away ~
38 years of living with diabetes


StephenS said...

Congratulations on 38 fantastic years Kelly. I love cheese too... iberico and manchego are favorites. And tomorrow we're going to see an August Wilson play! Whatever you do, I hope it's great and I hope you celebrate a little. Happy Diaversary!

Frank said...

Happy diaversary, Kelly! I really appreciate your honesty and relate to a lot of what you share here. Hope you had a fantastic day :)

Unknown said...

Yes yes YES Y-E-S to all of this!!!! Beautiful person, beautiful life :D 😍 And yes - dogs are fucking awesome - they know how to enjoy the moment ;)

Unknown said...

your the definition of diabadass.