Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#IwishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes (dot) Org Is Up & Running!

"You have to lift your head out of the mud and just do it." Terri Garr~

"Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to the other: What! You too? 
I thought I was the only one." C.S. Lewis~

For those of you who have been asking me and waiting , the  #IwishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes website is now up and running!

And with your help, the site can continually grow into a mixed media gallery/teaching tool, and be a place where people living with diabetes can share their thoughts and feelings through mixed media formats that will inspire and educate others in the process.

And a place where people sans diabetes can come away with a better understanding of what it’s like to live with diabetes and become both educated and inspired in the process. 

The past few months I’ve reached out to a few Diabetes Online Community friends to submit blog posts, artwork, and videos and what they've submitted is pretty damn special. 
Please click on the link below and and give a look.

The site is still a work in progress re: the layout and video plugins - but it's up and running and  your submissions, thoughts, and comments are needed to make it complete! 

Check it out and thanks in advance! 

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