Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Breakfast... Salad? OK, Hear Me Out~

It’s summer, so I usually hit up my local Farmer’s Market once a week to stock up on fresh summer fruits and veggies... and sometimes I go a little overboard when it comes to the  fruits and produce. 
In my head I’m all like: It’s healthy, the price is right, it’s straight from the farm - of course I’ll eat it all! 
But in reality, sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach - or I don’t feel like cooking and or preparing what I bought… or I end up meeting up with friends for dinner and forget about my food in the fridge. Or - I just run out of time and my produce purchases start to go bad.
Did I mention that I HATE to waste food? 
Also: For a good portion of June and July - the weather has been oppressively hot - like crazy hot. Like it’s already 80 degrees at 7:30 a.m., and on a recent Saturday morning, type of hot. 
So damn hot, that eating eggs over medium-well with a slice of toast wasn't doing it for me - also, I'd recently hit the Greek yogurt wall - so NOPE. 
I looked in my fridge on that humid Saturday morning and saw a fresh veggie bounty of radishes/radish greens,(which make for an excellent leafy green lettuce;) cucumbers, sugar snap peas and baby onions— all purchased from the Farmer’s Market - plus a couple of hard boiled eggs, a lemon, goat cheese, and fresh mint from my garden. 
Sidebar: There was EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and spices in the pantry - JACK POT. 
Yep, I had all the ingredients for a pretty damn fine salad  - so that’s what I made. 
I made a breakfast salad - and not because it was healthy or low in carb - those were not deciding factors. I made a breakfast salad because it was so damn hot out that I needed a cool first meal of the day and some iced coffee, STAT. 
And I made one hell of a breakfast salad! No joke, it was effing fabulous! Tasty, refreshing, SUPER DELICIOUS. And OK yeah, it was easy on the blood sugars. 
Also, not at all super weird once you get past the whole eating a delicious salad at breakfast, thing. 
Photographic evidence of my first attempt at "Breakfast Salad."
And thus began my dalliance with breakfast salads. Once or twice a week (and usually on a weekend,) I make myself a damn fine breakfast salad in cooled in the fridge, metal mixing bowl, and with whatever fresh veggies and proteins I have in the fridge. 
Sometimes it’s a fresh tomato salad with mozzarella, a few cups of fresh basil, and a small hunk of Italian bread chopped up into little bits, other times it’s chopped hard boiled eggs; carrots, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, french feta or cheddar, onions and greens with homemade dressing. 
Avocado, tomato, egg, onion, cucumber, cilantro, and egg Breakfast Salad
Whatever’s in my fridge that can go in a salad - goes in my breakfast salad… and my dinner salads.
A cool breakfast salad on hot summer day - I"m down with it - I love it - and you might be surprised how much you like it, too! 

Or: I’m weird - and in a great way... but we already knew that~  

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Rick Phillips said...

I will be over tomorrow morning around 7:30, I love salad and fresh vegetables are the best. I will bring some Indiana Sweet Corn.