Thursday, October 31, 2019


Photo Cred: @sweetercherise

42 years ago today and bright and early in the morning, my parents drove me to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - after what seemed like hours, I was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes. 
Some things I remember vividly, many things I don’t remember at all. 
Life changed that day and I can’t go back, nor can I spend much time wondering about the what-ifs. 
I embrace being the girl who lived and I’m working hard on becoming the woman I want to be. 
Every year since Diabetesaliciousness began, I’ve written a list of things that I love and am grateful for on my Diaversary
WHY? It's a good reminder that I’m still here, still alive, and there’s so much in life to love and be thankful for.

  1. I look fabulous in both black and jewel tones
  2. My family and friends who are family 
  3. Little kids laughing 
  4. Rereading my favorite books for inspiration or just because 
  5. Finding a new book that hits me right in the feels
  6. I can still do cartwheel on the lawn and still rock a handstand underwater
  7. Making homemade soup. Some people are bakers,  I’m a “soupier.” I love making soup form scratch - its my Zen time, allows me to be creative, AND I’M REALLY GOOD AT IT
  8. Making soup for friends and family
  9. Good Karma Hospital on Amazon Prime - I'm hooked!
  10. The ocean. It makes me feel whole and I get really antsy when I’m landlocked for too long
  11. October and November Skies at Sunset 
  12. Traveling. I LOVE IT
  13. The Diabetes Online Community - I’d be lost with you. You teach me always and bring me up when I’m feeling down. I will always fight for you and with you!
  14. Diabetes Meet-ups
  15. Manatees - my favorite sea mammals and I love them 
  16. Atlantic City Italian Sub rolls with good butter or EVOO 
  17. The Beach. See number 9 
  18. Black leather boots 
  19. Prosecco 
  20. A nice glass of Red
  21. The occasional martini
  22. Daffodils
  23. All spring and summer flowers 
  24. My veggie garden 
  25. Going to the movies 
  26. Laughing from my belly
  27. Nailing the cupcake carb count from a really top-notch bakery
  28. My mom’s engagement ring and wedding band. Every time I wear them on my right hand I think of my parents. I love them and I miss them
  29. My nieces and nephews. They own my heart 
  30. Vanilla anything
  31. Dark chocolate and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  32. KerryGold Butter 
  33. Jewelry. Antique, family heirlooms, costume, handmade, Native American, the macaroni bracelet one of my students made me a few years ago. I LOVE JEWELRY
  34. Photography. I love taking pictures - especially nature photography and candids. I'm working on my photography skills - more on that in another post
  35. Photography As Art. It absolutely is and I love photographs taken by artists behind the lens
  36. Music. ALL KINDS
  37. Singing. I love to sing and at one time I was pretty good. I need to sing more
  38. Writing
  39. The sound of rain and being outside right after a storm
  40. Exploring. I love to explore. Sometimes I go out on a drive, pick an unknown road/town and explore
  41. Sea glassing
  42. Finding treasure everyday. OK, sounds corny, but it’s been my mantra as of late.
Every day as of late I tell myself to “go out and find the treasure.” 
I’m not talking about a treasure chest filled with jewels and gold (but I’m down with that,) it’s about finding and experiencing all the good in the day and in life…. Including life with diabetes. 

Some days the treasure is right in front of me, other days it shows up in small ways and victories. And on the days when the treasure seems impossible to locate, I remind myself that there’s much joy to be found in the search. 


Kerri. said...

Happy diaversary, gorgeous. <3

Rick Phillips said...

Oh dammit Kelly, you are catching me again. OK, well just because of that I will keep going until June so I can gt my 3rd year on you again. I mean dammit we go through this every year. Don't worry I intend to hold my own until I dont at least.

Happy Diaversary !! I am going for 46 on June 21.

Malik Bejar Ali said...

It was nice to read your post and you give me hope as a T1D parent. Aadam was diagnosed with Type 1 #Diabetes when he was four years old. He has never let his #T1D come in his path. To us he is no less than a #superheroe. As a T1D #parent I would advise you all to help your T1D child to lead a happier, healthier lives by giving them constant encouragement, learn what you can about diabetes, and make sure that your #child eats properly, exercise, and stay on top of his blood sugar control every day.