Friday, November 1, 2019

#NDAM: Thank you for coming to My Diabetes Ted Talk, Day 1

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November 1, the first day of Diabetes Awareness Month. 
Somethings you need to know about diabetes - no matter the type. 
I've had t1 diabetes almost as long as I've been on the planet. 
Living with and managing diabetes is fucking hard work and all encompassing - and no matter what type of diabetes you have - so let's not fight about what type is worse. 

Some days diabetes rocks me to the core, other days diabetes plays nicely in the corner.

Every day is a day a "Diabetes Day," no matter the month - it's always by my side. 
If I hated diabetes, I'd be hating myself - and I'm done hating. 
I already have enough self esteem issues. 
Magazines and websites constantly tell us that we are not tall enough, short enough, skinny and or curvy enough. 
I don't need another reason to tear myself apart. - I already do that without blaming diabetes. 

Do I get mad at my diabetes? YES. 
Is the Pope Catholic? 

Do I work hard to have my diabetes be drama free YES. 
DO I flip my diabetes bitchswitch?
You bet your sweet ass! 

If you have diabetes - keep up the good work, get back up when you stumble and please know that you are not alone. 

If you love someone with diabetes - thanks for your support. We need and appreciate it so much. 
And we need and love you and all you do for us.

If you want to learn about diabetes - this month is a great time to learn and ask questions. 

Thank you for coming to #MyDiabetesTedTalk, Day 1

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Rick Phillips said...

Hey the TED talk got my attention. What a great idea. Now lets you and I go get a TED talk and we can tell funny stories about lows. I love those stories.