Wednesday, June 19, 2024

I'm Attending #ada2024 Thanks To The Amazing #dedoc° / #dedocvoices

Getting my D advocacy on!

Hey diabetes peeps and the likes there of - Wanted to share that I'll be attending the American Diabetes Associations 84th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Florisa June 20th - 24th, thanks to the generous #decoc  (an amazing international community of global diabetes advocates, helmed by and for people living the d life,)Voices Scholarship. 

The #dedoc°voices scholarship program paid for my travel; accommodation and access. 

As always, all words and thoughts I speak IRL/post across my Social Media platforms are my own. 

Follow me @diabetesalish on X (twitter,) Insta, and Facebook, and the #dedoc°

#dedoc°: Facebook, X: @dedocORG, Insta: @dedoc_org during the sessions and the search/hashtags @ the end of this post, so you can take part in the discussions online.

I promise from the bottom of my busted pancreas to do my best representing  all PWDs at ADA! 

Handy #Hashtags

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Friday, May 3, 2024

Soup's On... Your Soup Stories.

 Hey diabetes peeps and beyond pancreatically challenged peeps - Happy Friday!

 So I've been working on a long term passion project about soups.  YEP, SOUPS - and stews too. Soups are my jam and the first food (after eggs) I learned to make from scratch.

 Over the years I've learned to make over 20 different soups - many of which hold special places and stories in my heart. 

For example: I think of my mom whenever I make my Curried Butternut Squash soup and think of my dad and his parents whenever I make paprika veggie beef soup & Hungarian Goulash that my father's mother passed down to my mom.

I'm gather a compilation of stories/recipes behind soups from anyone who's interested in submitting stories and recipes behind their favorite soups!

What’s your soup story, aka - the story behind your soup/stew? 

Is your favorite soup/stew a family heirloom passed down through the generations? 

Does this recipe hold a special place (memory/memories) in your heart/your family and or friends hearts and if so, why?

What's the comfort factors, feelings, and emotions that immediately comes to mind when you make/eat this soup/or stew?

If you're interested in sharing your soup stories and recipe(s), (and potentially being interviewed by me re: your soup story - some goes for me taking portrait taken along with your soup,) drop me a line: or

I can't wait to hear all about your delicious soup stories

Sunday, April 21, 2024

It's Been A Minute

Hey there DOC peeps  - it's been a minute. Ok, it's been millions of minutes  - and I'm sorry about that. 

I've missed you DOC, SO MUCH. I'm sorry for mostly lurking for these millions of minutes. Life hit the fan post Covid, life wise, job wise, burnout in all dimensions wise.  

I started a job outside advocating that wasn't for me - after 14 months, we parted ways this past February. Timing wise, I lost my oldest sister with diabetes the day before my initial interview in 2022, her husband passed this past October. I'll share what happened to my sister in another post - her story deserves it's own post - actually, more than 1 post. 

I tore my planter fascia medial band in half on my Diaversary this past October and It hurt like hell. 

I DO NOT RECOMMEND. Was on crutches for the first 6 weeks, followed by PT, plus another week of crutches due to Turf Toe, stage 1 (thanks to rain-boots lacking support and a puckered sidewalk, causing my big toe to hyper-extend on the same planter fascia  foot,) the week before Easter.

Then a pinched nerve made an appearance on the same foot.

Continue to heal and my foot-ware currently alternates between Hoka’s and recovery clogs.  It's been a process. 

A lot of 4 steps forward, 2 steps back - which is exactly what the doctor told me the recovery would be like back in October.

What has all of the above taught me? Oh hey, thanks for asking. 

1. Life can change in a minute and holding on to your resilience isn't easy - it's fucking hard and takes work - no matter what aspect of your life you find yourself requiring resilience in. 

There are times when standing back up takes everything you have - especially when all you want to do is put the covers over your head and stay in bed. No matter how many times we stumble and fall, getting back up is key.

2. No matter how many people you lose in your life, losing them hurts. Even if your relationship was no longer what it once was…or what you wished it could have been.

3. Continually remind yourself of the good qualities that you possess, OFTEN. Recognize them. Celebrate them. Celebrate yourself.

4. Burnout is real. Diabetes burnout is real. Burnout in all dimensions is real. When it rains it pours and sometimes multiple types of burnout can hit at the same time. 

5.The diabetes online community is a constant beacon, a light that illuminates - even when you have to take a step back for a while - it's always there - igniting the way forward...and home - and reigniting your advocacy spark.  

Tuesday, October 31, 2023


Selfie in front of Haunted House - not my house ;) 

Hey, it's me - back from who the hell knows, but blogging just the same. 

I can't tell you how many times I've sat staring at my screen to write an actual post, but this time I really am back. I miss blogging, I miss being a full participant in the DOC, instead of a part-time participant/and a constant lurker. 
So I'm reframing and here I am.

Much has happened - some good stuff, some NOT So good - I'm saving the deets for other posts. 

Today's post is devoted to the number 46 - NO, NOT THAT 46, BITE YOUR TONGUE!

I'm talking 46 years living my life with t1D.



Celebrating year 46 is different this year - As of yesterday, I've been sidelined thanks to a torn medial band of my Planter Fascia - currently sporting a really ugly ortho shoe (but oh so much more comfortable than a boot,) shiny chrome crutches, and a cortisone shot that hurt like a bitch and requires a skyhigh temp basal rate. 

So yeah, this year's diaversary will be quiter - but a celebration none less. 

Here's my Diabetes Gratitude list for year 46 - Hope you dig~

1. The color yellow. Yellow is bright and shiny and makes me smile. Quite frankly, I could use more bright and shiny in my life - YAY YELLOW.

2. Rooibos tea - If you don't know what it is, check it out and give it a try. I suggest Pumpkin, Chai, and Vanilla flavored rooibos teas.

3. The ocean: We are 3/4's salt water for a reason. No wonder the ocean feels like coming home

4. Dogs. I love dogs! Dogs are the best and I will fight you on it!

5. Nailing a carb bolus for totally bolus worthy grub!

6. Cheese. I am cheese slut. I own it.

7. The color purple. Purple is regal and beautiful and comes in multitude of shades that make me feel good and bring out my eyes ;) 

8. Shells: Shells are beautiful; intricate, sculptures from the sea that turn into sand. Without shells there would be no beach. Think about that next time you see a shell. Never overlook the broken shells - they posed a beauty all their own - gifts from the sea that are no less valuable than their non chipped counterparts. Broken shells prove time and again that broken is indeed beautiful, be it our pancreati or a shell.

9. Red lipstick.

10. Soup: I'm a Souper... dare I say a Super Souper. For real, I make over 20 types of soup from scratch - and counting. Making soup is one of my Love Languages. If I make you soup from scratch, it means I care about you very much and love you lots.

11. Diabetes Tech: I love and appreciate my diabetes tech. With that being said. It's not perfect - nothing works as well as a fully functioning pancreas. There are too many who can't afford said tech - or have insurance that won't cover (or cover enough,) for said diabetes tech. That shit's gotta change.

12 PBS: If you don't watch PBS - maybe you think it's too stuffy, or that it doesn't have shows you'd be interested in - you'd be wrong. 
My current PBS obsession is season 2 of Annika. Membership for PBS Passport is $5 bucks a month and totally worth it! Also, your monthly fee is tax deductible.

13. Reading. LOVE to read - I just wish I had time to read the books I want to read, not the things I have to read. With that being said, I make time to read and sometimes reread. I've also discovered fan fiction - VERY INTERESTING.

14. A well made leather boot with a sexy heel - which I can't wear right now, BUT SOON.

15. Manatees. Manatees are amazing and incredibly underrated. Dophins get more screen time because of their antics, orcas make the news because they show off their smarts AND bitchiness - they toss seals around like a football before they go in for the kill. GOOGLE IT. Sharks, don't even get me started. Three words: JAWS and SHARK WEEK. Whales...whales are all sorts of majestical - they deserve the spotlight... for the most part. If you love manatees - you know how smart and loving and wise they are  -  much more so than they let on... at least at first glance. If you don't know about manatees, take the time to find out abou them.


17 The DOC. I love you, I am so incredibly grateful to have you in my life. You've changed my world.

18. Insulin: Without insulin I'd be dead. Actually, without insulin l wouldn't have existed because my father would have died before he had a chance to make me with my mom. With that being said, INSULIN IS STILL TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. TOO MANY ARE GOING WITH OUT OR RATIONING TO MAKE THEIR STASH LAST LONGER. THAT SHIT'S GOTTA CHANGE.

19. The beach in the winter = MAGICAL.

20. Friends who are family - You know who you are - I love you. I am grateful for you.

21. My dishwasher.

22. Jewelry. Yep, I love jewelry. Real, fake, custom, vintage, or made from macaroni, like the necklace my nephew made me when he was in nursery school. I LOVE JEWELRY.

23. Daffodils: Daffodils are bright, beautiful, give me hope, make me happy, and remind me of my mom. Daffodils are resiliant. I try to embrace my inner daffodil whenever I can. And between you and me, I need to remember to embrace my inner daffodil more.

24. Dark chocolate.

25. Vanilla. FTR, vanilla is not boring - I love it more than chocolate. There I said it - I stand by more words.

26. Vodka: Potatoes and grains are the fruit of my people. Vodka is potatoes and or grain in liquid form.

27. Going to the movies. 

28. Broadway Musicals: I LOVE BROADWAY AND BROADWAY MUSICALS. I LOVE SHOWTUNES. And it sucks to be you if you don't.

29. Really good sex.

30. Frida Kahlo: Her art is addictive, her story is compelling, inspiring and it will break your heart.

31. Spicy food. Spicy food is my favorite. 
About half the dishes I make from scratch are spicy - it’s part of who I a. If anyone wants to buy me a Diaversary gift - I'm running out of Siriracha thanks to the 2023 Sriracha Shortage, more on said shortage can be found, HERE.

32. Spending time with friends and family. We all need more time with those we love and who love us.

33. Sleeping late. FTR, I was off today and wanted to sleep until 8AM. I was up at 5:30. W.T.F.

34. Hoka Bondi's. Like walking on clouds. The Bondis are especially good if you happen to have high arches and a wide toe box. They also fit most custom orthotics. I'm going to need multiple pairs once I'm done with the crutches. CC:

35. Fresh mint in my water - or my mojito/vodka. Little things mean a lot. Fresh mint is refreshing and delish. I suggest you grow some in a pot. DO NOT plant mint in the ground - it will takeover your entire garden and strangle any and all plants and shrubs.

36. Black Violin - also Black Violin.

37. Post Modern Jukebox.

38. I love long walks.... which I currently cannot participate in - BUT SOON!

39. Halloween: I love dressing up and being someone/something else for the night. I'm a theater geek so it totally makes sense.

40. The colors green and blue and in all shades. The colors of earth and water. Also, both color spectrums bring out my eyes and since this is all about me.....

41. #Proudauntiealert in all dimensions: In no particular order, just a sprinkling of many, many, moments #proudauntiealerts can be found HEREHERE & HERE

42. Bolus worthy pizza. If you know, you know.


44. Peanut Butter. I wish I hated peanut butter, but I don't. That will never happen.

45. Massages. God I love a good massage - and I've been told by HCPs that I need them. If only insurance covered them. SIGH.


I'm grateful that you're here on this planet and reading my blog. Take my word that the world is much better place with you in it. YOU ARE EXCEPTIONAL. 

Monday, October 31, 2022


Hey, it’s been a while and I'm sorry about that. Between trying to navigate a Covid world; a move that was anything but easy, and some other stuff I’m still trying to process, blog post reserve has been drained. Burnout was and is is real. The good news: 

A. I’m working onseveral new posts, including one on my thoughts on the Omnipod 5, one on local D buddies. Happy to say that blog posts in process are very real and will be posted soon and I am so very glad and thankful! 
B. Today is my 45th Diaversary! Yep, today marks 45 years of living with diabetes. 45 years ago a little girl with a big imagination and extensive vocabulary entered the hospital on Halloween morning with a busted pancreas and was diagnosed with T1. 
This year’s celebration is quiet, mostly because it’s Monday during a week that requires a lot of juggling on my end.
 Every year on October 31st I write a list of things I’m grateful for and in no particular order. Here’s this year’s list. 

  1. Cheese - in all shapes and forms
  2.  My nieces and nephews 
  3. Good books 
  4. Tasty tea - super addicted to Rooibos
  5.  Salt air 
  6. Dark chocolate topped with sea-salt
  7.  The color green 
  8. Cheeseburger, medium rare, topped with the works - bonus points for jalapeños 
  9. Vintage Costume Jewelry - I collect it 
  10. “Real Jewelry.” I collect that too :) 
  11. Dogs. Dogs are awesome and I’ll fight you on that 
  12. Cooking for the people I love 
  13. Making a tasty meal from scratch for myself. Cleaning up after? Not so much 
  14. Traveling - I miss traveling. I need to travel. I have over 55,000 air miles - time to cash them in 
  15.  The color yellow. I love yellow - it reminds me of my mom and daffodils and the sun. Truth be told I had a thing for yellow and purple as a little girl. Still do 
  16. Really good extra virgin olive oil 
  17. Exploring - going to a new place and discovering its nooks and crannies; locals and spots that make said place magic
  18. Clouds 
  19. Photography - I love taking pictures 
  20. Spicy sushi 
  21. A meal out with friends 
  22. Atlantic City Italian bread. GOOGLE IT 
  23. My DOC family and friends - you are my Friends For Life 
  24. Swimming in the ocean 
  25. PBS 
  26. Peanut Butter 
  27.  Manatees 
  28. My friends kids 
  29. Hanging out with my nieces and nephews as friends
  30. The smell of honeysuckle bushes 
  31. Sriracha 
  32. Live theater 
  33. Going to the movies
  34. A horse named Stormy 
  35. A dog named Misty 
  36. A cat named kidden 
  37. Serving my tea from a yellow porcelain teapot I bought for 10 bucks at an estate sale years ago 
  38. Presecco and wine 
  39. Tito’s Vodka 
  40. golden hour 
  41. The beach 
  42. My parents 
  43.   My sister 
  44.   My busted pancreas, aka my diabetes dragon. FTR, I've made friends with my diabetes dragon - her name is Mabel 
  45.  Me 
  46.  YOU.

Sunday, October 31, 2021



I'm still here :) 

44 years ago today I was diagnosed with diabetes. 

44 years of living with a busted pancreas. 

44 years that I've been here, that I wouldn't have been if insulin had never been discovered. 

As Diaversary tradition and in no particular order - my diabetes life gratitude list.


  1. I’m still here
  2. Rooibos tea - my latest obsession. Actually, I’ve been drinking it since maybe 2005, but the last few years I’ve become OBSESSED with it
  3. Being an auntie to my nieces and nephews - I love them more than words can express
  4. My sister Cathy
  5. My family
  6. The Diabetes Online Community - Finding my tribe ROCKED MY WORLD & continues to do so, each and every day
  7. Sex
  8. The beach
  9. The ocean - there’s a reason we are three-quarters saltwater
  10. I’m a kickass soup-maker with an impressive soup repertoire
  11. Trump no longer presides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
  12. Wide shoes that aren’t ugly
  13. Theater - I can’t wait to go back!
  14. Books
  15. Beuno Bars - Seriously, GIVE THEM A TRY
  16. Teal Green and Chartreuse 
  17. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  18. Friends who are family. You know who you are and I love you
  19. Dogs
  20. Photography. I love taking pictures and people em to like my images. Also love learning about the history of photography and photographers
  21. Peanut Butter. I LOVE IT
  22. Kismet. When it happens it’s magic in action 
  23. Being my mother’s daughter. Marjory was the strongest, kindest woman I ever met. Being her daughter is an honor
  24. I found a hidden twenty in my wallet last week - AWESOME
  25. Insulin. It keeps me alive. Unfortunately, it’s fucking expensive and people are dying because they can’t fucking afford it and that’s gotta change!
  26. A bold Lipstick - it’s seriously life-changing, empowering, and energizing
  27. A really gorgeous and well-made coat. Instagram #coatporn, you’ll see what I’m talking about 
  28. Having a roof over my head
  29. Diabetes Advocacy 
  30. Purple
  31. Indie coffee and tea shops
  32. Diabetes technology
  33. Movies
  34. Pete Souza 
  35. Dorothea Lange - If you don’t know about her - watch Grab A hunk Of Lightning and prepare to be inspired
  36. Traveling. I miss it-can't wait to get back to it!
  37. Manatees
  38. Gardening
  39. Having enough oat milk for my morning coffee
  40. Perfectly seasoned, well-done home-fries 
  41. Music
  42. Reconnecting with old friends
  43. Making new friends
  44. Getting lost in nature - on purpose. 

Saturday, October 31, 2020


Me embracing my inner Moira Rose on my Diaversary. Video to follow.

 It’s been quite a while since I’ve written on my blog - between COVID; lockdown, work, delaying my big COVID meltdown until end of June/beginning of July and followed two weeks late by a Lis Franc sprain at the end of July, working, and hustling for work, pen to paper and writing about myself for my own blog was damn impossible. 

 I kept promising myself I was going to write a blog post tomorrow - but then when tomorrow arrived I’d push it off again. 

But I’m writing one today!

43 years ago today I was diagnosed with diabetes and spent my Halloween in the hospital instead of trick or treating and have spent the past 43 years living and sharing good, the bad, and the diabetesalicious of it all. 

Every year I write a Diaversersary post listing things I love/ I’m thankful for and in no particular order. - with the total corresponding to the number of years I've had diabetes. 

2020, I won’t let you take that away. 

So here’s my 2020 list of 43 things that I'm grateful for and hope you can relate!

  1. My people. My friends, family,including YOU. You all make my world a better place!
  2. Speaking of friends - Lucy the Elephant.
  3. Smart Insulin - you’ve made my life easier and my body healthier. With that being said, let's get your prices lower - people are dying because they can't afford it!
  4. My garden. It made my summer, which was spent social distancing and nursing a bum ankle much easier to bear. It also made my salads much tastier. 
  5. Dove Ice Cream Mini Bars, variety pack. Seriously life-changing.
  6. Sex
  7. Speaking of life-changing, I’m thankful for Time in Range - it’s a diabetes game changer!
  8. My honest and caring mechanic  - Thanks for being honest and giving me a great price when my car was having issues  - Very much appreciated!
  9. The beach. Even though I didn’t spend a lot of time on this year (because people were being idiots re: social distancing,) I’m so grateful to have grown up at the beach and to have access to it as an adult.
  10. The Ocean. See number 8.
  11. Being able to attend MOMA’s Dorothea Lange' Words & Pictures Exhibit this past September.
  12. Dorothea Lange’s photography
  13. Being an Aunt because it's a fucking gift from the heavens. I love my nieces and nephew so much! 12 unique and individual works of art.
  14. Democracy. 
  15. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg - May her memory be a revolution.
  16. Music. Silly to say, but music makes my heart sing.
  17. Waking up and realizing that I have an hour before my alarm goes off.
  18. Becoming a better baker. Thanks to my friend Pam (who bought me a beautiful and solid bundt pan last Christmas because she thought it would help me chill I made my first bundt cake from scratch a few months later. During lockdown I perfect banana and banana blueberry muffins, this week I’m attempting pumpkin :) 
  19. NetFlix  - you know why.
  20. Hoka ONES. Seriously comfy sneakers.
  21. Schitt’s Creek: Best. Show. Ever. 
  22. Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life From Dear Sugar - book by Cheryl Strayed . READ IT.
  23. My camera. I bought a Canon 35 mm camera a few years ago with 300 and 80 degree lenses. LOVE IT.
  24. Insulin pumps - making my life easier since 2002.
  25. Dark chocolate caramels with sea salt. AMAZING.
  26. My Mac laptop I bought 16 months ago.
  27. CGM. It makes life easier - except when it doesn’t. 
  28. Dogs. DOGS RULE
  29. Homemade Soup. I have mad soup skillz.
  30. The color green. It makes me feel healthy, beautiful, balanced  - and it makes my eyes pop!
  31. Paper plates - Lockdown means dishes are never done. Paper plates make my life easier. The environmentalist in me struggles with this, the chief dishwasher (ME,) is thankful and works especially hard to be environmentally conscious in other areas of my life.
  32. Both Sweetzels and Ivins Spiced Wafers
  33. Cheese. I’m a cheese lover and self-proclaimed cheese slut. 
  34. PBS 
  35. Lipstick. I wear it every day and under my mask!
  36. Ray Collins Photography 
  37. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
  38. Goldenberg Peanut Chews - Original Dark Chocolate
  39. Prosecco 
  40. Nature
  41. Jewel color tones. I’m just not into tan -with that being said, I appreciate a warm and smartly tailored camel hair coat.
  42. Jewelry. I love jewelry - whether it’s a macaroni necklace a little made me, costume, or the “real stuff - I LOVE SPARKLE.
  43. The Diabetes Online Community. You’ve changed my life and life with diabetes for the better and I love you all so much!