Monday, June 1, 2009

"Forget It Jake, This is Diabetes Town"

So I was on Twitter last night, and I noticed under Trending Topics, there was something called 'Movie Misquotes."

Now, I love movies and television & I have absolutely no problem admitting it.
I've even been known to qoute movies from time to time, and sometimes, I even give them a diabetes spin!

Anyway, I starting movie quoting with a diabetes twist and couldn't stop myself! A few of my tweets told me they were LoLing, which made me very happy! I could have continued all night, but I stopped at around 14 quotes.

I added a 6 more to this post to make it a round 20.

Hope this makes your Monday more pleasant, or at least makes you LOL!

1. “Your going to need a bigger bolus" JAWS- Diabetes style

1. "What til they get a load of D!" Batman - Movie

2. "HOLY #DIABETES BATMAN!" Batman – The television series

3. "I'm Diabetes BITCH!" Dave Chappelle

4. "Dammit JIm, I'm a diabetic, not a Bricklayer!" Star Trek - Series

5. "Say hello to my little insulin pump!" Scar Face

6. "show me the carb count!" Jerry McGuire

1. " home." ET

2. "Diabetes means always having to say - Yeah, damn straight I'm aloud to eat that!"
Love Story

3. "Bloodsugar, we have problem!" Apollo 13

4. "I'll get you my pretty, and your little insulin pump too!" The Wizard of Oz

5. "Forget it Jake, It's Diabetes Town!" China Town

6. "I see diabetics" The Sixth Sense

7. "I love the smell of insulin in the morning!" Apocalypse Now

8. "All right Diabetes, I'm ready for my close up!" Sunset Boulevard

9. "Is that an insulin pump in your pocket or are u just happy to see me?" Mae West

10. "Crying, there's no crying in diabetes!" A League of Their Own

11. "We're not bolus worthy, We're not bolus worthy!" Wayne's World

12. "Bolus, I don't need no stinking bolus!"

13. "Elementary my dear Diabetes!” The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

14. Hasta la vista, high Blood Sugar!!” The Terminator

15. “YO, DIABETES!” Rocky

16. "Tell 'em to go out there with all they got and win just one for the Diabetic."
Knute Rockney

17. "Life is a banquet,& most poor diabetics are blousing and counting carbs like crazy!" Auntie Mame

18. “If it weren’t for you meddling diabetics!!” Every bad guy on Scooby Doo

19. “Diabetes, the final frontier” Star Trek

20. "Let's get ready to bolus!" WWF Wrestling

######## For Lora over at The Diabetes & Stuff cause she asked all nice like.

21. " "She only speaks Diabetes Ricky, not imbecile." Better Off Dead

You ski the K-12 dude, and girls will go Diabetic just looking at you!" Better Off Dead

23. "Diabetes, I want my Diabetes!!" Better Off Dead

See this follow up post Movie a few months after this one:


Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! Great stuff K2!

JaimieH said...

These are all soooo awesome! I could read them again & again! Thank you for making me giggle!

Kerri. said...

LOL!! These are fantastic!

Crystal said...

Very funny k2!
Nice job...

ninnifur said...

haha I read them all last night, but I laughed out loud AGAIN!!!

k2 said...


I love that I made u giggle! Thanks for yukking it up!

Glad you liked them!!

Thanks Chickie!

Love that you u LoL'd 2 days in a row!

Cherise said...

LOL! Too funny

Lora said...

Hey, I need one from a John Cusack movie. The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, Grosse Pointe Blank, etc. Or the Breakfast Club. Those are the only movies I can quote, so you need to make it 21. Please? For me? One more giggle?

k2 said...

Cherise -
YAY - your LOLing!

Done & done!

worker said...

lol those were great!!
thank you.scott k johnson pointed you out to me and im glad he did!.i hope you dont mind i stole them and posted them on diabetes daily giving you all the credit and a link

Becka said...

I'm laughing, reading them the 2nd time! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!