Friday, January 13, 2012

ONCE Makes Me Happy

Thanks to all types of technical difficulties, today's post is late - but the subject is truly fantastical none the less!

To view the trailer in all its glory & without the annoying confines of my blog's design layout, click HERE.

I saw the production of ONCE, The Musical the day after Thanksgiving and the multi-talented cast did an absolutely phenomenal job of bringing the movie & its music and it's story to the stage.

The show was brilliant and literally pulled the audience in. The set was beautiful and you felt the intimacy between the characters and as part of the audience - It was really just a fantastical experience all around!
And in my humble opinion, the show deserves to go to Broadway & every person in the much gifted cast will knock your socks off!
Did I mention that the actors also played instruments, danced AND danced with said instruments!!

FULL DISCLOSURE: "The Girl, played by Cristin Milioti" (She's the one in rust colored jacket,) is my niece - and has been since the day she came into this world.
I love her so much and am enormously proud of her accomplishments, both on stage and off!
I've shared all sorts of moments with you guys on the blog, including some moments that included Cristin.
And so many of you in the Diabetes On-Line Community have followed those moments and have continually asked about ONCE going to Broadway.
So when I saw the trailer for the musical yesterday, I knew I had to post it for your guys!

And as far as the diabetes connection, (because isn't there almost always one,) here it is.

Every time I watch the trailer for the play, (and I have watched it over, and over, and over again) I feel happy to the point I cry happy tears.
And feelings of happiness produce endorphins, lots of them! And endorphins help elevate our mood - which is common knowledge.
And good moods = good blood sugars - And vice versa.
So endorphins are VERY important in the blood sugar department!

And isn't a big part of diabetes all about blood sugars?
So if you think about it in the blood sugary diabetical sense of it all, why wouldn't you watch the trailer, not to mention the play??

And that my friends, is your 6 degrees of diabetes bacon right there!


Karen said...

Awesome, Kelly!!! I think we need a DOC trip to Broadway, with a cupcake chaser. :)

Cara said...

Woo-hoo! :) I have plans of blogging about Once. I'm so excited. For you. For Cristin. And for the six degrees of diabetes bacon. ;)

Jenny said...

Amazing! No wonder you are so proud! :) And now I can't stop thinking about bacon...mmm...

shannon said...

dude, you have every reason to be bursting with pride! well done to cristin and everyone else in the cast and crew for a memorable experience. i am sure they will find great success on the great white way. :D

Penny said...

Oh it looks fantastic! You must be so proud!!! So when are we doing a road trip to NYC???