Monday, May 7, 2012

Dmeet-Up Down South Jersey Way~

D- Meet Up Down South Jersey Way!
So the world is smaller than we know and the universe is smarter than we think! 
This past weekend the stars were aligned in all types of wonderful way, and in little beach cafe down South Jersey way a Diabetes Meet-Up occurred. 
 I had the opportunity to meet Emi Reem from The Miss Adventures of Peabody
And you know what kids? it was fantastical!
It's so strange meeting someone face to face for the first time - when you feel like you already know them.  
Because in the DOC world, you've already talked them and shared your lives with one another, and the IRL thing is just a wonderful and very welcomed formality! 
Emi and I sat for hours talked and laughed and it was just such a great time.
Sometimes we spoke in the diabetes dialect and some times not, but the conversation continued to flow~  
And as I drove home, I was once again reminded that because of my faulty pancreas, I was able to meet another amazing person with a tremendous spirit and zest for life. 
 And that my friends is a wonderful thing~

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Andrea said...

and the IRL thing is just a wonderful and very welcomed formality!

No truer words were written. I see meet ups are a way to collect all the virtual hugs, they are one of the best feelings in the d life.