Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Plow, Farmer, Cultivate, Diabetes.

Do you ever have days where you certain words continually pop into your head?? 
Well I do - But I'm a little nutty that way. 
Anyway,for some reason I keep thinking about the word "PLOW," today.
I guess it's because I have lot of stuff to "plow" through. Work, organizing the new digs, traveling, planting some tomatoes in my new garden and of course my ever present type 1 diabetes.
Plow/ Plowing (or Ploughing, depending on which dictionary you use) means you're preparing the soil for planting, which of course makes me think of farming.  FARMERS are generally hard workers and it's mostly a thankless job. But everyone should thank them, because we'd be up the creek with out them. Farmers provide us with food and they plow pretty much every damn day. 
Farmers also have to know a lot of technical and scientific terms in order to get crops to grow. 
They have to know how soil and PH samples. They have to know about blight and all sorts of other viruses that can ruin a crop is and good forbid there's an early frost! 
They are constantly fine tuning the land and the crops while the continue to work on them.  
Plowing and farming are tough work, be it in a field or in life.  Plowing is a constant and requires to keep watch daily, in order to cultivate the land or the person.  Farmers CULTIVATE what starts to grow. 
See where this is going? 
CULTIVATE/ CULTIVATING is also really hard work!  Basically to CULTIVATE something means to take special care of something and nurture it so that it grow and flourishes. Cultivating takes patience and perseverance and tenacity - much like living diabetes.
As people living with diabetes, we PLOW through all sorts of crap 24X7, 365 days a year in order to live and CULTIVATE a healthy life. 
PLOWING & CULTIVATING in diabetes terms aren't easy tasks. It's hard work and mostly thankless job - just like being a farmer. So I guess that means that we PWDs are farmers in a sense - which is a very interesting way to think about living life. 
So first off, let me say GOOD JOB to all of you D farmers out there! Keep plowing through the muck and the obstacles both on the diabetes field and off, and continuing to cultivate your life, and life with diabetes. 

And now I now I realize why those words kept popping into my head all day - It all makes sense
 And I'm still sort of an odd duck, but that works for me~

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