Monday, April 1, 2013

LOLing About Diabetes Over At Discuss Diabetes

Today you can find me & talking about laughter and diabetes over at Discuss Diabetes  website with Sanofi's Laura Kolodjeski & The Bad Diabetic's Patrick O'Hara & I'm honored that they asked me to join in the "discussion."
Using humor when it comes to dealing with my diabetes is a huge coping mechanism for me & I can honestly say that laughing about my diabetes helps me own my diabetes. 
Laughing helps me deal with the blood sugar ups and downs, the diabetes tears, the annoying and ever so present Diabetes Police/idiots, the Diabetes What-If's & everything else that living with diabetes 365 days a year brings.

And lets face it,  if you live with diabetes or other chronic illnesses, you can't help but have a twisted sense of humor!  And those of us with busted pancreases & wonky metabolisms are all a bit bent - but in a great way ;)

Please check out the LOL discussion over @ Discuss Diabetes & have a great April Fool's Day & continue to be twisted!


Laura K said...

Thanks so much for sharing Kelly! We enjoyed talking to you and Patrick. Best, Laura

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great stuff, K2! Love it!