Friday, December 5, 2014

Diabetes Forces Us To Try New Things When It Comes To Managing Our Diabetes - And That's A Good Thing~

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney
Here’s the thing about living with diabetes. You're always learning new things about yourself and your diabetes - That never stops, whether you’ve lived with diabetes for 37 years or 37 months - And that’s actually a very good thing. 
I'm so grateful for the changes in diabetes medicine, technology and attitudes these past 37 years  - And I will fight tooth and nail to never go back to the Diabetes Dark Ages.
I can't even imagine managing my diabetes the same I did when I was first diagnosed 37 years ago - And I probably wouldn't be here if things had never changed - Or if my parents and I hadn't been open and receptive to those diabetes changes.
Now yes, sometimes exploring and trying new D management changes can be incredibly annoying and frustrating, for sure - because we all have our comfort zones - And our diabetes comfort zones & changing things up can sometimes make you want to throw your diabetes crap out the window and scream bloody murder.... or so I've heard. (COUGH, COUGH.)
But the fact that diabetes sometimes forces me/us out of our comfort zones (Yep, I had a slight freakout before I started the insulin pump,) and forces us to try, learn and adapt to new ways in our dealing with diabetes makes it easier for me/us to learn, adapt and try new things in other areas of our life. 
Look, I still have issues with change - especially big changes, like figuring out where I want to move and "going for it." But I'm really working on making those become a reality instead of just talking about it.
 I LOVE to try new things, except for foods made with liver and skydiving because the thought of jumping out of a plane FREAKS ME OUT. 
But HUGE kudos to our amazing Aussie DOC friend, Renza over at Diabetogenic for jumping out of a plane last weekend! 

I’m also open to and need change in my life, especially when it's positive. I love to travel and meet new people and try new experiences - even when the results aren't always fantastical. 
Because knowing what doesn't work in our lives and our lives with diabetes is just as important as figuring out what does.
Sidebar: I still haven’t attempted the boob infusion site and I’m not sure if I ever will, but I haven’t completely ruled it out either. So there's that~

So why what’s the purpose of this post: There are several. 
First: I recently tried something completely different re: bolusing for breakfast and it’s working for me! 
So much so that I’m blogging about it. 
Now, everybody is different  (your diabetes may vary, ;) but my new breakfast bolus regiment is working for me. The past couple weeks I've started blousing for my coffee first and bolusing for the carbs in my breakfast smoothie 30 minutes later. 
I get up, check my blood sugar, bolus for (18 carbs - I like my coffee with cream and sugar) and make my coffee. I gulp down the first mug in 4 minutes flat, prepare the second, hit in the shower and get dressed. 
This all takes about 30 minutes.
Then I bolus for my breakfast smoothie (anywhere between 18 & 22 carbs, depending on the ingredients) and make/drink it. I’ve found that by bolusing separately for each, my post breakfast/mid morning blood sugars are much better. 
They’re not always perfect, but for the most part, my mid morning blood sugars stay well within range and that really makes me happy because for the longest time, my midmorning blood sugars have flipped their bitchwitch in both directions.  
Of course now that I’ve shared, Murphy's Law, D style might indeed decide to throw a wrench in my new breakfast bolus routine, but I can handle it and I will figure it out. Because life with D MAKES us figure “it” out.  

Secondly, but no less important: I want to learn and become inspired by other peoples experiences about trying new things when it comes to their (YOUR) diabetes management. 

So if you’ve tried anything new when it comes to dealing with your diabetes, feel free to share and regardless of the results - because either way, we'll all learn from what you have to say  be inspired by your brave attempt~


FatCatAnna said...

I'm like you - love to try out diff things - maybe I' not be here since my diagnosis in '67 ... tried various insulin variations - glass syringes with needles sharpened on a stone - air gun - sniffing up the nostril .... screech - wait that was something else ;)

I recently have blogging alot about control, even Craig at Insulin Nation is interested in my handling of menopause for future article to help you young T1D's. Having two other hormone issues in my 50's besides ducking fiabetes - makes my control like I'm playing Russian roulette! I'm trying not to freak out as to where the barrel points... but just go along as best as I can and not beat myself up. Oh, and becoming insulin resistant which I wasn't before all of this NEW stuff - has been a challenge - which plays havoc on EVERYTHING - personal life, work ... you name it.

So, now that I'm back on George Michael again (Animas 2020) - I'm doing more combination boluses for my meals ... similar to what you do (are you MDI?). I was doing the same with MDI - but the basal portion just was NOT working for me ... so with new basal settings (that are double what I used before) - I seem to be staying in a happy zone. Like you say, it may work one day, then screech .. not the next .. but we just keep on trying our best.

BTW, I think in the past I've commented on your hatred of liver. It's all in the preparation, and type (sorry veal liver is the best). I could easily convert you over if I cooked it up for you ... especially if you saw what my Mum fed me as a 5 year old - before she realised I wasn't anemic but a diabetic with a wonky pancreas :)

Way to go Reneta (will have to check you blog link out - been out of loop lately for reading everyone's fantastic #Dblogs) !!! I'd have joined you ... as long as I was strapped onto some young NZ buffed dude :) You'd not hear me complaining as we plummet to the Earth from up high (wait - what am I squeezing on this guy's body ;) ).

Laddie said...

I have gone through spells where I bolus a half a unit when I get out of bed. I don't drink coffee but often my BG starts to rise significantly once I'm up. Then I bolus later for my breakfast. I think the first bolus is a "head start" to the breakfast bolus. Problem with this is sometimes I go low before breakfast or sometimes I keep going high anyway. Argh!

Hope this new system keeps working for you.

I am currently experimenting with using Lantus along with my pump. Will write about it soon.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I think that experimenting and playing around with new things is one of the keys to making things work. Sometimes we get lucky and find a really good solution!