Friday, July 19, 2013

Diabetesalicious Lite July 2013 Edition: With Shout-Outs To: The Heat Wave, #cwdffl13, Check-In Day, Striping Safely, A Beautiful Tribute & A Tween Compliment~

Diabetesalicious Lite July Edition: Brought to you by a crazy ass heat wave, #cwdffl13, Check-In day, Striping Safely, a beautiful tribute & being considered technically savvy by a tween in the know!
So this whole week of catching up with life (and during a craZy ass heat wave) has been a challenge to say the least and I'm ready for it to be over. 
There's a 50% chance that my insulin has gone skunky in my pump reservoir - I'll know better when I check my lunchtime glucose numbers.
To learn how to keep your insulin from getting skunky, click HEREHERE, & HERE.

Life post Children With Diabetes Friends For Life 2013 isn't nearly so so fun and all encompassing - I live by myself and I really miss being surrounded by my #cwdffl13 peeps. I miss the hustle and the bustle of that being with family creates and I'm definitely going through withdraw. . 

But enough about me. YOU need to Check-in this Monday, July 21st - As in "checking in" with the blogs you're reading that day - I'm talking to you DOC lurkers and the not so lurkers in the DOC. 
It doesn't require much. Just leave a comment, or a +1, or a facebook "thumbs-up - or whatever Social Media format works best for you, on the posts you read that day. 

And don't forget to follow the hashtag: #dblogcheck.    
You can read more about Check-In Day, HERE

Do you "strip safely?" Inquiring minds want to know. No, I'm not getting all types of personal here or trying to make you laugh, this is all about keeping us safe. Right now, test strips can be anywhere from 10 to 20% off the mark when it comes to accuracy in blood sugar readings - And that's not good enough! 
It's time we let our elected government officials know that glucose meter inaccuracy is not acceptable and that the rules have to change! 
And the change starts with all of us - As in everyone of living with diabetes. So, how can you be part of the change? 
It's easy, just go to to learn more! And thanks to them, I'll be writing a letter to my elected officials and posting it on the blog in the next week! Having trouble getting started? No worries. Strip Safely has a handy page to help you get your letter written  - Click HERE and start writing!

Meri at was asked to give the Friends for Life Keynote Speech about the late an wonderful Dr. Richard Rubin and it was incredible.
I had the honor of hearing Meri speak live and was driven to tears. Mer spoke beautifully and from the heart and was amazing. She wrote a post on her experience yesterday and it's a MUST READ.

Also have tissues handy, because you're going to need them! Click HERE and be prepared to read something beautiful in all dimensions. 

Lastly, my 11 year old tween second cousin Gracie and I spent the Fourth of July together and we had a great time! And to top it off, Gracie told me and I quote: You're both media and technically savvy because you have a blog AND an Instagram account !
And that just made me feel so cool beyond belief because Gracie is an uber cool fashionista/ designer/singer/actress and digital native! 


Bennet said...

Yay K2. Thanks for sharing StirpSafely! I put a little quote an a link back to you full post on

I may be a little slow but I am saying thanks to all the wonderful DOC friends who are writing there officials - So thanks.

Meri said...

Aww...I just love you K2! Thank you for the lovely words. MISS YOU!

traveller said...

Hope this week isn't too hot! You know I think you're one awesome lady. <3 ~Ivy

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(late!) Check! :-)