Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not Really Wordless Wednesday: More Like Beautiful Music Wednesday ~

Over the years I've shared many of my niece Cristin Milioti's 
accomplishments with the Diabetes Online Community - And you've 
followed and supported her career, many of you going to great lengths to see her perform live on stage and watching her on screen - And that makes my heart so happy! 
 To see my worlds collide in such a beautiful way is amazing and and special and I appreciate it so much.   
And ONCE (see what I did there?) again I have the opportunity to share some more Cristin magic with you~ 
Here's a lovely video of Cristin singing 'La Vie En Rose' from Monday 
night's 200 episode of HIMYM.


Karen said...

Oh sure, make me cry all over again. :P

Cara said...

Seriously beautiful. She's so different from everyone else, which I LOVE.