Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh What A Tangled Web My Infusion Set Weaves...OR Oops I Did It Again ........

So I'm rushing around this morning trying to get out the door and start yet another glorious day.

I'm already to leave and do a quick once over to see if I have everything I need for the day. Keys? Check. Computer? Check. Phone? Check. Blood sugar machine; test strips, spare batteries, extra infusion set and a few Lara Bars just in case? Check. Great, I'm good to go.

Then, the Fashionista in me realizes that I'm only wearing one earring and I rush to the bathroom to retrieve it's mate left alone on the sink. I dash past the door (at lightning speed might I add) and BAM, MY PUMP TUBING GETS CAUGHT ON THE DOOR KNOB! OOOOUCH, it hurts like hell and my body is literally yanked back to the door frame from which it has entered.


1. Once again I'm reminded that rushing never makes things move faster
2. My pump site REALLY HURTS
3. My infusion set must be changed before I leave the house

Ironically, I don't think about how this is putting a serious kink to the start of my day.
No, instead I'm thinking "damn I wish the cameras were rolling, I totally would have won the $10,000 on Americas Funniest Home Videos." I'll admit it people , this has happened to me before, and it's happened in front of others. Obviously, I haven't learned from this particular mistake - but on the bright side, I've been told it's quite funny to watch. Since I have this constant need to make people laugh, It's a big hit at parties.

I just have to smile and untangle my tubing, grab my earring, and get an extra infusion set from the stash I keep under the sink. It takes less than 30 seconds to replace it and I'm ready to leave for the day.

Diabetes or not, it's always something and you just gotta laugh!


Chris said...

It never fails, every time you try and rush, something comes along and slows you down. Can't say that has happened to me because I am not on a pump (yet) but I've had my own experiences that rival that.

k2 said...

Chris -
I hear you brother! Please feel free to post a few examples on my blog.
Not all of my readers have pumps, but all of them can relate to the "Diabetes rush around!"