Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Take The dQ&A Diabetes Survey - And Have Your Voice Heard

I spoke with the folks at dQ&A last week. YEP, impressed. 
There are things I absolutely love about the diabetes products and meds that I use daily and religiously.. and there are things that drive me absolutely bonkers about the diabetes products and meds I use daily and religiously.  
There have been times where I’ve literally said out loud: Clearly, whoever designed this (insert name of diabetes technology, accessory, med, whatever), has never worn/used/taken said diabetes technology, accessory, med, whatever!  
1. It's so incredibly frustrating. 
2. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So how do we get our diabetes POV to the people who make and create? 
A good start is signing up and taking a diabetes survey from dQ&A, ( Diabetes Questions and Answers,) and participating in their patient panel.
dQ&A was created in 2009, with the primary goal of making sure that companies in the diabetes arena (like Insulet, Dexcom, Medtronic, and Abbott Diabetes Care,) know what we want and need when it comes to the diabetes technology, drugs, and innovation. 
Speaking of innovation, dQ&A also works directly with new diabetes companies whose products have yet to hit the market.
They also rep our community. Last year dQ&A spoke in front of the FDA in support of the agency considering more than just A1c reduction when deciding whether to approve new diabetes drugs and devices. 
They backed up their claims by using a 3,500-person dQ&A survey to make and bring that point home.
And I'm so damn glad they did - because people with diabetes are more than our A1C, and people with diabetes already get judged more than most. 

You can sign up to take their survey HERE, (results are anonymous, personal info is never shared,) and your feedback about living with diabetes goes directly to the designers and researchers working on today’s - and tomorrow’s diabetes products. 
I’ve taken the survey, it’s easy and doesn’t take much time. 
Sign up today, take the survey - become part of their patient panel and participate in future surveys. Your voice matters - USE IT to help yourself and your community. 

dQ&A’s surveys are global and open to people in the United States, Canada, The UK and Europe.
 A fee is paid to every individual who signs up and takes a survey, in the form of a check, gift certificate, or a donation made to one of the following fab diabetes charities:

US Diabetes Charities

Canadian Diabetes Charities 

UK Diabetes Charities