Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Diabetes Reminders

As if people living with diabetes don't have enough to do without scrambling for end of year RX refills, dr's appointments, etc. But we don't have a choice -we must. 
January 1,2017 isn't only New Year's Day - it's the day our yearly insurance deductibles start all over again. If you've met your 2016 deductible or not - get those refills, tests, and end of year appointments done, ASAP!
And yes, it's a pain in the ass - but it's important!
The following is your December reminder(s) to refill your end-of-year prescriptions; look into getting new eye glasses, get fitted for orthotics, ( Medicare covers both orthotic inserts and one pair of "diabetic shoes, every year,) and most insurances cover orthotics (fully or partially,) if you have diabetes. 
Make sure your up to date on your pump, CGM, and tests strip supplies. 
Schedule and all last minute appointments and Lab RX/test requests for December, before your 2017 deductible kicks in. 

If you've met your deductible for 2016, December is time to order your new pump, if you're due. And once deductibles have been met and according to your plan, your RX medications may be reduced in price or on some plans, free.
If that's the case with your plan/plans, today would be a great day to call your doctors up and get your one-month prescriptions for December changed into three month RXs, fill them ASAP, and save some money in the process. 
Heads-up: It might not go exactly as you planned on all fronts - but it will still save you some money.
December is also a great time to stock up on insulin pump double/triple AAA batteries- most stores have batteries on sale this time of year - thank you Christmas/Hanukkah toys!

And not like we have enough to do, but December is also the time of year for many to research, pick, and choose 2017 healthcare plans. 

Ut's going to be a long and expensive winter, folks -and a little prep goes a long way~


Brian said...

Or, if your insurance plan has ridiculously high deductibles which you are nowhere near, and you have completely spent all your (ridiculously limited) Flexible Spending Account (FSA) money...you try and wait until Jan 1 so you can start spending your 2017 FSA money.

With the continual increase in insurance deductibles and out of pocket limits, the FSA limit needs to be raising dramatically!

Rick Phillips said...

Are you kidding? I just turned on my heat on Thanksgiving. I am just getting ready to burn money heating our house. I cannot be troubled doing mundane things like ordering supplies. LOL

Don't tell Sheryl I said any of that. :)

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