Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Adulting With Diabetes

"Adulting with diabetes," buying what you need (and have just run out of,)
with your Target GiftCard, instead of splurging on something you want! 
If you are an adult living with diabetes, you are “adulting with diabetes,” every single damn day - I get it and I applaud you for it. 
Some days it seems as if we adult with diabetes, more than others.
Take last Wednesday - I swear to Gouda, it seemed that the majority of my day was all about “adulting with diabetes,” at least that’s how it seemed to me. 
And I was proud of myself for dealing with it and #adultingwithdiabetes
We - every single one of us adults with diabetes, are "adulting with diabetes," every single day, every single minute of the year - and there are moments that we want and should brag/bitch about it.
Also: BRAVA and BRAVO to every damn one of us! 
Adulting with diabetes means NOT canceling your scheduled eye exam, even though it's happening on a beautiful Indian summer afternoon and you’d much rather be playing hooky outside than having your eyes dilated and all that goes with that, inside a crowded doctor's office.
And then continuing with adulting by stopping by the cable company to exchange your cable box (which you remember to bring with,) something you’ve put off doing FOREVER. But today is the day - even though you know that you’ll have to hook it with dilated eyes when you get home. 
After picking up said new cable box, you realize that Target is right across the parking lot from the cable company - and that you have a $20 Target gift card.
You finish up the 7 Tropical Fruit flavored glucose tabs in the emergency glucose tab bottle you always keep your car ( you're not low - but history has shown you that you will need the extra carbs for walking around Target,) and which you empty. 
And you save the bottle to use as a on-the-road sharps container. 

Then you decide to use that Target gift card on things you need, like windshield wiper fluid, cleaning suplies... and Target Glucose tabs. 
Not things you want or want to splurge on - like lipstick or new workout clothes.  
Sidebar: You score an additional 5% off said glucose tabs with Target’s Cartwheel app - and you don't go low in Target - thanks to the extra glucose tabs you downed in the parking lot.

Afterwards, you come home, sit in your driveway and down the rest of the water in your 24 ounce reusable water bottle -and put some much needed Windshield wiper fluid under the hood - before you walk in the door. 
 Speaking of walking in the door - you go straight to the fridge, put away the cheese and yogurt (have I mentioned that my latest yogurt obsession is OUI, by yoplait?) purchased at Target. You put away t\the cleaning supplies, then sit on your couch and hook up your cablebox – even though you can barely read the directions with your dilated eyes. 

When all is said and done and you’re ready to make dinner... adulting with diabetes, continues.  
You do this by adding more frozen green beans to your leftover almost Bastard Almost Homemade Chicken Soup because you know that you haven't eaten nearly enough fruits or veggies, today. 

Speaking of almost leftover Bastard Almost Homemade Chicken Soup – you actually choose to eat homemade chicken soup instead of of caving into your takeout Stromboli craving.

And then as you eat your fantastic soup loaded with green beans, you realize all the damn adulating with diabetes you've done today - and everyday - and you tell yourself: WAY TO GO, GIRL!

More "adulating with diabetes," moments as of late 

  • Calling up in dealing with care Centrix when it's the last thing you feel like doing 
  • Checking your BG before putting the key in the ignition  
  • Speaking of blood sugar, checking your blood sugar at an extended red light 
  • Choosing a glass of red wine instead of a beer because
  • Your Dr. told you that you should drink at least one glass of red wine and night, plus
  • You don't feel like doing any diabetes math and beer confuses the hell out of you when it comes to bolusing. *CLINK.*
  • Making sure you’re diabetes RX refills are filled on-time and no matter what. 
  • Dealing with all the stupid diabetes myths and trying to educate the masses with diabetes realities - and without losing your temper! 
 I could go on and on, but enough about me, I'm hoping that you have an "adulting with diabetes," moment you’d like to share. 

If so, tell us about it in the comments section (if you want, absolutely no pressure,) WELL DONE, AND YOU ROCK! 

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Rick Phillips said...

I hate adulting with diabetes. Hell, I hate adulting. But I do love Elovate glucose. It makes those little glucose tabs so old-timey.