Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lunchy, Lunch & The Funky Bunch! Sorry, Couldn't Resist That Last Part!

Lunch - A lot of times I'm not hungry at lunchtime - It's just the way I am.  Plus, I drink a lot of coffee in the morning (and I bolus for it) and water (I NEVER bolus for water) and both keep me feeling full - And running to pee!   
Being on the insulin pump means I can skip lunch every now thanks to adjusting my basal rates. 
Still, I know it's not good to skip lunch, diabetes or not.  Skipping meals is terrible for your metabolism. No to mention the fact that if I skip lunch, I end up eating a yogurt or a Kind bar in the afternoon - usually both. 
And by dinner time I 'M STARVING.  
I'm working to get my A1C lower and I'm really trying to stay on track when it comes to lunch and actually eat lunch every day. 
For me personally, I always try to my keep lunch on the low carb side, unless I have a crazy schedule that day. If my schedule is crazy, damn right I need a powerful protein carb combo!  
But for the purposes of this blog post - Lets keep it to a low carb lunch theme - Same goes for trying to keep my lunch prep time to a minimum.  
Also, my lunch needs to travel well. Like I love bananas and pears - but they don’t travel well, they smush and bruise and get mushy and gross - So they’re out - Unless I'm working from home
So I’m thinking salads, because salads are great -  I LOVE salads!
But sometimes, salads can make a mess - At least they tend to be messy if I’m eating them. Still, a rainbow of veggies + protein = awesome deliciousness so bring on the salads! 
And extra points for creative containering of said salads! 

Yogurt, as in Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit - I LOVE GREEK YOGURT - That is until I hit  “The Greek Yogurt Wall,” and then I can’t look at the stuff for a week or two. 

Soup. Now, I love soup - Soup is good and I make the most amazing soups and 3 different types of chili,  But sometimes I hit the Soup Wall - Think Greek Yogurt Wall, but with soup instead of yogurt. 

So I'm wondering what do you do for lunch? What lunches do you find keep your blood sugar in check, travel well, are easy to make/take to work and taste good? 

Do you have any and all advice on how to keep my/our lunchtime routine within Blood Sugar Nirvana range while keeping it all types of tasty and funkadelic
If so, BRING IT ON & THANKS for the deliciousness in advance! 


carlyn said...

I LOVE salads for lunch. And I LOVE greek yogurt for breakfast -- but I carb it up, haha (granola, honey and grapes. pre-bolus is key for this meal).

Anyways, I use baby spinach for my salads. The night before, I cook some chicken sausage (I get adellis chicken sausage at Costco and it is amazing on EVERYTHING) and put that in the salad. Also add feta cheese, seasonal fruit (normally strawberries or grapes), slivered almonds and a hard boiled egg (cook a bunch of those at the beginning of the week for easy prep). I bring an avocado with me (this absolutely makes the salad) and just dice it up and throw it in there right before I eat. Crack a little pepper on top, throw some balsamic on. Delish. Pretty low carb, easy to make, lots of nutrients, protein. I just keep bottles of dressing at work so I don't have to worry about yet another thing to pack :)

Can't wait to read what other people enjoy!

Karen said...

This is a GREAT question because I'm fairly terrible about eating lunch too. So actually I'm afraid I probably don't have a good suggestion for you. But I'll be checking back to see the suggestions our other (smarter than me) friends have!!

Joanne said...

Have you heard of salad in a jar? It's a way of preparing the salad ahead of time in a mason jar (dressing Included) and layering it in a way that keeps it fresh. Here's a link:

People rave about them. I've never tried it because my lunch usually consists of sandwich crusts and fruit the baby has thrown on the floor (washed, of course).

Joanne said...

Also, one more thought... What about muffins? I make some that don't do anything to Elise's BG, and if you follow carb factors at all, the come in at .36 (to compare, most muffins come in over .50).

That last sentence may mean nothing to you though.

Anyway, the muffins I make have veggies in them, and you could probably throw Greek yogurt and chia seeds for added protein. They're called Toddler Muffins and my kids love them. As an added bonus, when you freeze them, they are awesome for teething babies.

I'll get off your blog now.

Sarah @ Sarah Cooks the Books said...

Are you bolusing for stuff you put in the coffee or the coffee itself? I ask because I didn't think coffee had any carbs.

k2 said...

Sarah - I take my coffee with cream and sugar :)

Minnesota Nice said...
Don't be fooled by the "school lunch" label - these clever, appetizing and creative lunch ideas would work well for adults too!

NC mountain Bruce said...

I eat boring and exactly the same, 3 slices Pepperridge Farm Swirl with sliced turkey & mayo. Precisely 42 G. Boring carpenter lunch, but easy to remember and fast to consume, then back to the job.

Kelly said...

Cheese and crackers with an apple is my favorite easy lunch! Sometimes I have Tuna right outta the packet (you know, those travel packet thingys) or I have breakfast for lunch since I usually dont eat breakfast till about 11 anyway! Of course its Greek Yogurt, almonds and fruit!! Wheat tortillas (some smaller ones have 9 net carbs after fiber deduction) or PB with wheat crackers and a side of fruit. My lunches tend to be more like snacks...but thats because its easier!