Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Little To Close... OR Blood Sugar Nirvana Gone Bad


I went overboard on some leftover frozen macaroons from Christmas last night


4 Perfect, vanilla & coconut, hand-dipped half covered in dark chocolate, 2 inch's in diameter macaroonies

They were delicious.

I'd been feeling under the weather for the past week or so, and the cookies were the first real craving I'd had.

6 lbs lost during the holidays and damn if those macaroons weren't calling to me from the freezer!

1 bite led to a whole cookie, which led to 2, which was followed by the 3rd, which was toped off by the 4th and final. Washed down with cold Silk Vanilla Soy for good measure.

Was it worth it?
blood sugar says yes -
I had bolused correctly and 2 hours later I was 133
Blood Sugar Nirvana....
Is sometimes deceptive.
3a.m. I woke up low - 52 - Not so great
I couldn't feel my lips

Grabbed the emergency can of gingerale from under the bed, drank and waited for the feeling of normal to return.

It did.

Still -

I'd come just a bit to close to the bulls eye.


Cara said...

I broke down and had a smoothie today from smoothing king. Healthy, you say. Until you look at the carbs. The small one had 70 grams of carbs... sigh. My blood sugar was 187 2 hours after. Let's hope I don't bottom out later!

Cara said...
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k2 said...

Cara -

The numbers game is so damn fine tuned. every day is different.

I was running lows on Weds and Thurs, and I was high most of the day to day.

I know about Smooth King - I make my own or I split it with a friend.

We've gotta just go with it Cara and watch the numbers going in our bodies and coming from our bodies!
Keep checking your numbers and watch for that those lows!

Kelly K

Rick said...

Hey, my brother-in-law is diabetic... do you know him? (Rolls eyes!) He's not type 1 so you would probably consider him a diabeti-wuss anyway.

I've "tagged" your blog randomly to play "Name 7 Celebrities You Have Met" or "Name 7 Weird Things About Yourself." It's just a goofy game and if things like this irritate you, please ignore me! Personally, I would have done that myself, but I was "tagged" by our mutual friend, my B-in-Law, and thought the topic would be fun.