Thursday, April 10, 2008


Painting by Marc Chagall

After my last post where I blamed Scotty J for my wild blood sugar ride, BetterCell and I had a dialogue and we both came to the exact same conclusion in the reader comments section of said post.

We both feel that Living with Diabetes is like living life under the big top. It's a balancing act, a 3 Ring Circus whose acts continue to change, amaze, and challenge us on a daily basis.

With that being said; yours truly began to imagine the following D-Circus Maximus in vivid detail.

Imagine if you will, a pancreas shaped tent where the Greatest Show on earth, "The Balancing Act of A Diabetics Life" takes place. listen as the Ring Master explains my act with "Candy Girl" and "Pour Some Sugar on Me" alternately accompanying the various diabetic feats.

(and for the sake of time & space in d-blogville, it's is a one-woman show)

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Diabetes Circus Balancing Act of a Diabetics Life, Proudly Presents,

The Amazing Miss Kelly K, T1 for 30 years and and LIVING a KICK-ASS LIFE!

Watch as she CONSTANTLY jumps through Rings of Fire to OWN her Blood Sugars on a daily basis!

See her bravely (Stupidly?) pricking her finger with just a single lancet-sans Pen, & checks her blood sugar. Watch in AMAZEMENT as she CALCULATES DIABETES MATH, counts her carbs, takes her blood sugar, and correctly boluses for every meal she eats!

Pulling it all together to reach BLOOD SUGAR NIRVANA!

OBSERVE as she CORRECTLY ESTIMATES how many carbs in a 1/2 cup serving of Ben and Jerry's Vanilla ice cream ( 18grams,) a small apple ( 15 grams - 4 grams of fiber = 11 grams,) and a 1 Cup serving of Lowfat Silk Vanilla Soy milk (10grams -1 gram of fiber = 9grams of carb)

Watch in ASTONISHMENT as she PRECISELY identifies which spinning plate has the correct two ounce service of cooked pasta !!!!! A tricky feat that could screw up Blood Sugar Nirvana in an instant if not properly identified and bolused for.

Prepare to be DUMBFOUNDED by her DEXTERITY as she & her pump tubing DEFY & DANCE around DOORKNOBS, EDGES and LEDGES - Most of the time.

Be AMAZED as she not only changes her infusion set in the blink of an eye, but rotates the location as well. ALL IN UNDER 30 SECONDS. Now you see it, now you don't!

Watch her as she NAVIGATES on the Tightrope of life, handling a low blood sugar at work and still maintains her dignity.

Listen and learn as she CONTINUALLY EDUCATES herself on all the latest and greatest Diabetes breakthroughs, studies, and technical accouterments that hit the Diabetes market on a daily basis.

Join her as she WORKS IT ALL OUT, before her actual workout.
Taking her blood sugar; figuring out her temporary basal rate, and MAGICALLY concealing a Lara Bar; B.S. machine, emergency $5, and house keys on her person - And still manages not to look like a bag lady.

Listen in AWE as she handles PEOPLES STUPID QUESTIONS AND STATEMENTS regarding diabetes & Take bets on whether or not she will keep calm and educate the person on the difference between t1 and t2, or if she'll loose her cool entirely and verbally annihilates them with her sardonic wit. "

It's a job, it's an adventure, it's a pain in the ass, and it is OUR life.


Scott K. Johnson said...


Now THAT is one show I would pay to watch.... waitasec, I live it too!


George said...

that is perfect!

Araby62 said...

The pancreas-shaped tent...LOL :)

Don't forget those ignorant-of-type-1 clowns running at the mouth with comments like, "But you don't look sick..."!

Love it!

Donna said...

This is so true!

Anonymous said...

Now I just need to figure out how to sell tickets for, to offset some of the health care costs! Great post!


k2 said...

Scotty J -
I give u a free pass to the show, u could even be a guest performer!

Glad u like it!

A62 -
Glad u got a chuckle and don't worry, I got all the idiot comments covered ;)

Well, they say write what u know!

Randee -
Let me know when u figure out the tixs cost covering the our medical costs.

Awakening said...

Hi, thanks for reading my blog over at Diabetes Daily. I have a new blog that I am starting that is my personal blog, while I will keep the diabetes blog for diabetes related posts. I want to separate some of the personal or emotional things I write about from the diabetes blog, especially since my family reads it and I don’t really want to be more vulnerable than I have to be to their judgments. I will still blog at DD, but please join me at my new blog, Awakening Grace, over at 

Naomi said...

Okay, where can I buy the popcorn and the funny hats?

k2 said...

Amylia -
Love Awakening Grace!

Naomi -

You can buy popcorn, funny hats & SMARTIES @ the door, OR bring your own!


Jeff said...

I'm there, Kelly.

k2 said...

Jeff -
Glad 2 hear it!

Diane J Standiford said...

You are Master of the ring and of your life. (Use a net just in case.)