Friday, July 16, 2010

D-Feast De Résistance

Some might say that we in the DOC are totally obsessed when it comes to food. And I couldn't agree more. We talk about food, we blog about food, devote our facebook statuses to food, and we tweet about food - incessantly.

A few weeks back, Lorraine tweeted a pic of some pork fried rice with the following description: Homemade & bg friendly Chinese pork and veggie fried rice.

Which lead Elizabeth Arnold to tweet: Maybe we should have a d-blog day where we all post our favorite carb-friendly recipes. I know @diabetesalic has an AMAZING soup.

Full disclosure here folks, yours truly is @diabetesalic and Miss Elizabeth Arnold is right, I do have an amazing soup recipe. Correction – I have many fabulous soup recipes, but I digress - because it's really not about me. Back to the tweetersation.“

Elizabeth, Karen and Lorraine,with several other DOC family members adding their “food for thought,” (word on the street is that bacon was mentioned on more than one occasion,) as were cupcakes, Nutella, and peanut butter.

All this led to Elizabeth, Karen, & Lorraine coming up with the ideal for D-Feast Friday -and you’re invited to take part.

What exactly is (and when) is D-Feast Friday?

Basically D-Feast Friday is a chance to get all epicurean crazy and have a good time!

It’s an opportunity to embrace your inner Julia Child or Alton Brown and blog about your “feast de résistance" on Friday, July 23rd

Post your recipe/pics of your D- feast you creating your D-feast & the likes there of.

Nutritional information including; carb counts with defined serving sizes, but also calories, fat and protein would be good too. But if you don't know, no sweat!

If your recipe is low carb, gluten free, low calorie, vegetarian or vegan, let your folks know via your title so that people looking for those types of meals will be able to reference them quickly.

And if you'd rather simply link to a favorite recipe that's already online, no worries - that's totally cool.

According to the D- Feast team, you can link to your D-Feast Friday blog post by visiting Lorraine, Elizabeth or Karen’s blog (URLs highlighted on their names below), and clicking on the button all three blogs will post on the 23rd.

Elizabeth, Idea Master (Pieces of My Life)

Karen, Button & Blog Day Master (Bitter-Sweet Diabetes Blog)

Lorraine, Initial Recipe Tweeter (This is Caleb)

Include the name of your recipe where itasks for “your name.” That title, along with the link to your blog post,

will be listed and accessible to anyone looking for a good recipe. that link for easy reference.

In the immortal words of Julia Childs: “Bon Appetite!”

And in the spirit of Alton Brown-

Embrace your kitchen geek!


Jacquie said...

Is it cool if my recipe is for a piece of string cheese and a couple of crackers?

Karen said...

Yay for D-Feast Friday!! I'm really excited to see all the great recipes!!! I hope someone posts a great cupcake one. ;)

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Great idea! I'm afraid the only good ones I have are all borrowed from others (like Kerri's zippy bean salad). Hope to glean a few more!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun spin on it all! Thank you Kelly for giving the D-Feast a shout. Can't wait to start making some soups!

Bennet said...

I am so into this I am scheduling post already.

Unknown said...

Sounds fun! I can teach others to burn the crap out of their grilled cheese sandwiches just like I do! :-)