Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Diabetes Moments of WTF

This post is brought to you by your daily big steaming Diabetes moment of Wtf!?!?!!

Diabetes moments of WTF, we all have them and they occur almost daily. Here are a few that come to my mind as of late.

Misplacing a newly opened bottle of insulin and being unable to find it – no matter how long you look for it.

Blowing a blood sugar of 250 after eating (and bolusing for,) nothing but a tomato salad.

Insulin pump "Low Reservoir" alarms becoming white noise on a hectic day.

Walking out the door and forgetting to connect & or wear your insulin pump.

Having a member of the Diabetes Police (who doesn’t know you from Adam) decide to give you unsolicited (and dead wrong) advice on your diabetes.

Waking up in the morning and having no idea where your insulin pump is. You feel around your person and slowly follow the 43-inch tubing as it careens over the side of your bed, leading to your pump that has somehow landed on the floor. Yes it’s still connected & your infusion site is OK -THANK GOD. Ironically, this very same thing can be considered a "Diabetes Moment of Zen."

Realizing in the middle of yoga class that your infusion set has ripped out during “Downward facing dog,” and then remembering that you forgot to bring a spare infusion set with you.

A stranger seeing your insulin pump & saying: Wow, you must have "the betes" real bad!

Going to the pharmacy to pick up your monthly prescriptions and finding out that your insurance company has once again increased the price of said RXs.

Running elevated blood sugars all day for no reason.

Your insulin pumps unnatural and unholy attraction to doorknobs.

Going away for a three day weekend and realizing that the container of test strips you have only contains 15 test strips.

Dropping your insulin bottle on the bathroom floor again, (we’ve all done this hundreds of times and nothing happens) only to have it shatter. And of course, this particular bottle is either brand-new or the last one in your butter compartment.

Eating carbs like a madwoman, and still maintaining great blood sugars. God bless being hormonal!

Mike Huckabee likening people with preexisting conditions to burned out, uninsured houses and cars. Rachel wrote a great post about it - click HERE.

Weaning one’s self of insulin. Creative editing my ass!

Having your insulin pumps/cgm battery alarm go off in the middle of a wedding, funeral, graduation, etc.

These are just a few diabetes wtf moments, and of course there are just as many “Diabetes Moments of Zen.”

So my friends, what are your diabetes wtf moments?


Lili said...

I dropped a vial on the floor this morning! It didn't break, but the bubbles were not helpful.

Bob Hawkinson said...

Taking off on that 6 mile bike ride and realizing 1 mile in that you forgot your Dextabs or any other carbs to fix a low.

Reading the sushi menu after you already ate that Cali roll and Philly roll and realizing you just took in about 100 carbs....aaaack!
...with 3 remaining units in your pump reservoir.

Penny said...

Night time. 121, 130, 119, 348.... WTF?
Insurance not paying for a blood ketone meter for an 8 year old girl, cause peeing on ketone strips at 3 am is SOOOOO EASY. WTF?
2 Pods maniacally screaming with alarms, in the freezer to shut them up. WTF?

Laura said...

lows of 60 and 49 two nights in a row within an hour of eating... wtf?

Nicole said...

Just learning now that compact florescence bulbs can cause blood sugar to rise...WTF is up with that?!?! I just posted the video on my blog. Kinda gets you thinking what other things are at play with blood sugar numbers??

Mike said...

When doing the slightest thing (walk/cut the grass/shop for groceries) drops your BGs *like a rock*, but 40 minutes at the gym seems to have no effect whatever.

Great post. Made me smile :)

HVS said...

When you get to school,check in at 445,and realize the set is bad & of course,you forgot to bring a spare one.No backup vial/syringe either. And you can't leave.Class lasts two hours.(2.5 hours later:465.At least desperate huge bolus did some good.)

FatCatAnna said...

When your diabetic cat gets excited at you preparing YOUR injection for YOUR meal - when he thinks it's for him (if only I could get THIS excited about an injection shot .... NOT). God bless the Fat Cat aka Beauduoin \\^^// - more on him here - http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/2009/1/25

Scott Strange said...


Finally manage to get ahold of just ONE test strip, put it in the meter, get a drop of blood ready...

Then realize that you put the strip in the meter backwards... again

Dude, WTF?

Becka said...

BYOI (Bring Your Own Insulin) First thing that comes to mind is being out somewhere, not close to home, and with food involved, and we discover that B has 3u left in his pump. The next worst would have to be an extreme high right before a carby meal or dessert. Sometimes I just wanna say, "Diabetes, you can stick it." Thanks for the validating post!

Jamie Naessens said...

My latest moment was today on the train coming home. I've been trying to be good and enter my numbers into my latest bg app on my itouch, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what I bolused (a little ADD going on). So I hauled my pump from my bra to check (luckily not too many people on train to witness this). At that moment my precariously positioned kit flipped, and my insulin went rolling across the aisle and my poker disassembled itself. I went lurching across to retrieve it, pump in hand. Not graceful.

George said...

When Playing guitar hero sends you into a low. WTF?!?!?

Anonymous said...

My Diabetes WTF mug shattered recently when I actually read something and agreed with.. gasp... the INSURANCE INDUSTRY. On the topic of children's health care coverage... OMG. Seriously. What. The. F. Wow, this must be what the power of the darkside feels like...

Of course, balancing that out, is the D-WTF Moment when I see that my Endo office visit doubles in cost (from $25 to $50) from one month to the next, yet my visit length actually decreases. Hmmm. WTF?

Julie H said...

Love when my CGM alerts during a Job Interview/ Presentation/Meeting. All the alerts become white noise until the whole room is staring at you and your pump is discretely hidden in your bra… oh the humanity… WTF when there is NO discernable pattern to explain or fix your spikes, when your abdomen looks like you have chicken pox (so many freakin frackin red dots), or when a non-diabetes-related health care “professional” tells you you can’t have juice before surgery – even if you’re low… WTF!!!!!

Becca said...

--Taking extra insulin with you on vacation and then forgetting it in the fridge. TWO vials on my last trip.

--No delivery error after eating some candy

--Putting your pump in your pocket but forgetting to connect it.

Anonymous said...

That the pump tubing always get's stuck on the kitchen cabinets..

Heather said...

Wow. I'd never seen that clip before (but I'd HEARD of it!). Thanks for linking! Somebody's clearly misinformed! Wow.