Friday, October 22, 2010

Diabetesalicious Lite 10/22 Edition Is Brought To You By: Walking For Others Who Can't, A Singing Ninja, & Some New D Blogs With Familiar Names~

Happy Friday folks! This weeks Diabetesalicious-Lite 10/22/10 Edition is brought to you by walking for s diabetes cure for those who can't; a singing Ninjabetic, and two new blogs brought to you by some VERY familiar names!!

After writing yesterday's post about Eilish, I decided that I needed to do something - anything to feel like I was helping. So I decided to walk in The JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes in Philadelphia this Sunday for those who can't. I will be walking for Eilsh, my sister Debbie, and three others who have died from Dead-In-Bed Syndrome since February 2010: Jessie Alswager , Trent Nicholson , and Cynthia Kahn. My goal is to raise at least $400 and if you'd like to make a donation you do so by clicking HERE. No amount is to small - I'll take $1 or whatever you have to spare!

Ninjabetic (a.k.a George Simmons) has decided to put his vocal talents and phenomenal song writing skills to support diabetes. Two years ago, Ninjabetic wrote and recorded a beautiful song about life with diabetes called "Not By Choice" in honor of World Diabetes Day.
George has decided to take it to the next level. HOW? Well, Ninjabetic is donating all proceeds from itunes sales of his song from November 14, 2010 - World Diabetes Day, until years end to The International Diabetes Foundation - WAY TO GO GEORGE!! You can read all about his decision, HERE. I'll be downloading my copy of "Not By Choice" on November 14th, WILL YOU?

There are two new Diabetes Blogs on the Islet of Langerhans horizon - and they are brought to you by some VERY familiar names in the Diabetes Land. I found both blogs to be incredibly informative, easy to read, and each have brought their own unique gifts to the diabetes table.

The American Diabetes Association launched their new blog: Diabetes Stops Here on October 11th. This blog is filled with all sorts of interesting goodies for all people with diabetes regardless of what type you have! FYI: As a type 1 I was very happy to read about issues relating to type 1 as well as type 1.5 & type 2 and I highly suggest you GIVE IT A READ - ASAP!!

Another wonderful name and organization in the world of diabetes, The Joslin Diabetes Center (which is also part of the Harvard School of Medicine - so you know these folks are all types of SMART,) took the plunge into the diabetes blogosphere in Septmember and launched: The Joslin Diabetes Blog. This blog is all about diabetes and not only includes medical posts and topics about diabetes, but also offers patients stories and perspectives. YOU NEED TO READ IT!

On the weird and wacky Holiday front, tommorrow, October 23rd is Ipod Day (for real,) Make A Difference Day (so do something) and National Mole Day which ironically, has NOTHING to do with the animal or the Mexican chocolate sauce. To quote Semisonic, "it's all about chemistry." One mole refers to a mass (in grams) whose number is equal to the atomic mass of the molecule.

And now you know!


Jasmine said...

Hooray for JDRF's Walk! I'll be there Sunday too. I'm supposed to have a team table, and we'll have coffee and snacks if you're interested!

Maybe I'll see you there. My team is called Silver-Lined.

Unknown said...

Kelly, I think you walking is a wonderful, heart-felt tribute to those that cannot.


Anonymous said...

Always, always, always looking forward to having a "real" job so I can actually donate to things. Like JDRF. *sigh*

You are AWESOME, Kelly. <3

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your walk experience. Thanks for the great round up!