Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Out, Damned Dead Spot!!

Well, it's official - I have a dead spot on my belly. Well, maybe not dead like in "Night Of The Living Dead," the infusion site area isn't all zombiefied and ghoulish- but how bout that for a visual!?
I'll say this though, my newest dead spot it definitely in a state of infusion site coma /purgatory that leaves the absorption rate on the lower left side of my abdomen & slightly below my rib cage "less absorby" than other areas on my person.

At first I thought I was it was just the seasonal high blood sugars, which I (along with almost all of the DOC,) have been experiencing. But after testing the same area twice in a 10 day period, I came to the realization that I had to increase my temporary basal rate to compensate for the lack of insulin absorption. I ended up changing the site early both times.

The fact that I've lost another area of pump prime real estate (say that three times fast!) is a bummer because let's face it, there aren't many locations my infusion sites can call home.

Pump or MDI, dead spots are a real problem. What happens when I (we) run out of real estate?
What then Diabetesalicious reader???

Seriously, after 30 some years of living with diabetes, my pickings are slim and I'm starting to worry. Sratch that, I'm not starting to worry, I"M WORRIED.

For now I'm going to leave the dead spot alone and send it some positive absorption vibes, and with any luck, the area will regenerate and become insulin friendly once again.

But I still worry.

What are your thoughts about the dreaded dead spots and what do you do about them?


FatCatAnna said...

I haven't experienced them yet Kelly - though dreading the day it does happen (only been pumping 3 years now). I "try" to rotate - and remember to leave spot alone for at least a month (I've got a HUGE stomach - which I'm trying to flatten - but giving up as I get older). I try to use as much "real estate" on my body as I can as well - e.g. legs, upper/lower back. I'd like to try arms - but not sure about tubing, etc. - plus someone would have to help me as I use the stainless steel needle one (not automated). What do you use for infusion sets?
I know this isn't much help - but feel for you.

Scott Strange said...

About a year ago I read this story

It is about an enzyme that is infused into scar laden areas that can cause the scar tissue to change into normal tissue...

While this story was initially about spinal column scarring, it seems like it just might have other applications as well...


Did I actually just use a hashtag in a blog comment. I'm glad I can stop tweeting any time I want. Just not today /wink

sysy morales said...

What I did...I switched to shots and am so glad I did. A1c is great and I'm not spending all day in frustration over my dead spots. I take 2-4 allergy shots a week for the past 10 years so that accelerated the problem...

Stacy said...

I really worry about this. Probably more than I need to... But, my daughter has such a small belly and an even smaller area that she will allow a pump inset. Until she grows, we reuse sites regularly and I have often wondered how long it takes to kill a spot. Ugh. Hip and thighs suck for kids in winter clothes. I love the belly...

Just need ours to last until that cure shows up ;)