Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Endo Appointment Day

Date: 2/23/11
FEELING: Nervous

Well, I'm just about to hop in my car and drive off to my Endo appointment!

I'm scared, nervous and very apprehensive. No matter how much I love my Endo, I hate Endo appointment day. My stomach is already in knots and I'm practicing a smile that doesn't look forced or fake.

Will my test results cause tears or a sincere smile?

What am doing right and how much am I doing wrong?

Am I the only one who holds their breathe on Endo appointment day,
And would you mind sending some positive vibes my way?

OK, regarding those last two lines - I wasn't even trying to rhyme!
But I still would totally appreciate any and all positive vibes, so thanks in advance~


Meri said...

I think a better question might be, is there anyone who DOES NOT hold their breath on endo day!

And how can you be doing something wrong dear K2? You put your all into it. Sending nice warm California vibes your way!

Lee Ann Thill said...

Relax, Chica! Dr. Jabbour is awesome, which I know you know because you're the one who talked him up and sent me to him in the first place! If you're doing the best you can, which is status quo for you, your labs will reflect that. It'll all be good :)

I wish I'd know you were going to be in town too. I haven't seen you in ages...

Mike Hoskins said...

Good luck, Kel. No matter the result, know that you've done the best as you were able to do at the time. Even if there was slacking, it's OK. No judgment in whatever the result, just recognition that it's always a work in progress and this is just one little part of that journey.

Anonymous said...

Good luck today!

I hate endo appt day, mostly because of the 400 miles that we drive.

The 200 miles there is anticipation. And the 200 miles back is either good or very, very bad.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Positive vibes sent! Good luck!

Kim said...

Hope all went well with the Endo! You are not alone in hating the Endo day!! We try so hard, and sometimes it just doesn't look like it! I share your sentiment!

Karen said...

You are not the only one. I love love love my endo, but still get all tied in knots of nervousness on endo day. In fact, it starts a few days before endo day - and I just stress and stress!!!

By now I'm sure you are all done and made it through your appointment with flying colors. But I'll still send a bunch of positive thoughts your way. Use 'em now, or save 'em for next time. :)

Stacy said...

I hope the visit brought smiles!!

Not only do I dread endo day, but every high or low in the 2 weeks prior to the visit make me dread it more because I know that stupid chart will have red and yellow on it and I'll look like I have no business being a pancreas.


Unknown said...

Saw the 7.1 post last night - YOU.ROCK.LADY! Keep up the great work.

AND...yes, I always get nervous on Endo day. I think it is inevitable. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves as auxiliary organs. Don't ya think?