Friday, February 25, 2011

The official BUZZ term on the internets is: Cristin Milioti, 30 Rock Scene Stealer!!

CRAZY PROUD AUNT ALERT: Thanks for being so awesome and allowing me to brag! I Spoke with Cristin about an hour ago and when I told her how many supporters and fans she has in the Diabetes On-line Community, she was thrilled & sends her thanks!

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, my niece Cristin appeared on 30Rock last night -And she WAS AMAZING!
I promise, no more bragging after this - But honestly, I just can't help myself!
I'm SO PROUD of her!!

When you hold someone in your arms as a baby, watch them grow (and damn if she wasn't a cute kid,) develop their talents,(including spot on impersonations) all the while remaining down to earth, gracious, caring, funny and dow nright bawdy as hell, you can't help but want them to succeed and burst with pride when they do!!

I'm proud of everyone of my 12 nieces and nephews- Each is an amazing and individual piece of art and I'm so happy to have them in my life - And I LOVE THEM ALL VERY MUCH and am continully blown away at all of their talent and successes!!

OK, enough with the sappy Aunt stuff!

The official BUZZ term on the Internets is: Cristin Milioti, 30 Rock Scene Stealer!!
See for yourself!

Stay tuned......


Nicole said...

So cool that you are related to someone FAMOUS :)Way to go Cristin!!

Jacquie said...

And that was one of my favorite all-time episodes of 30 Rock.

Hooray all around!

Joanne said...

bahahaha... I just realized I called her your cousin when she's your neice. Oh boy do I need some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, she did! Very proud Aunt and family and diabetes community, all together! I'd honestly never watched 30 Rock before, and tuned in and got hooked and spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME watching older episodes since then. Catching her there and In the Good Wife - talented young woman!

Unknown said...


So exciting :) You'll have to do an interview now that she's famous :)

sweetmystery6 said...

how exciting!

Donna said...

Brag away!!! You deserve it! And so does Cristin! :)