Friday, June 15, 2012

Diabetesalicious Lite: Of Birthdays; Births, Diaversaries, Seeds, New Jobs & Funkly Holidays

This Edition of " Diabetesalicious Lite" is all about Birthdays, Births, Diaversaries, Seeds of Change, New Jobs and funky but no less important  holidays.

The You Can Do This Project celebrates it's first birthday today. Rumor has it that Miss Manners suggests cupcakes as an anniversary/ birthday gift to celebrate the first you. Kim Vlasnik over @ Texting My Pancreas started the YCDT project a year ago today. And in case you ever think "You can't" do diabetes, you'll quickly change your mind when you checkout the YCDT Project & realize that you can - And that there are so many others that do what you do regarding your diabetes life & are there for you! Be sure to tweet her congrats @txtngmypancreas

Speaking of Birthdays, Tony over at Blogging Diabetes is celebrating the birth of his beautiful daughter, Scarlett!  Stop on over & welcome her to the world and if you're on the twitter, give them a shout out at: @bloggingdiabetes!

Today is the final day you can place your vote for  DHF Seed Grant finalists videos.
Personally, I think they all should get some seed money because each of the contestants (sounds like a beauty pageant)  programs that are competing for funding are amazing and I personally believe that if each of their ideas "take root," every single person living with or affected by diabetes lives would be changed for the better! Luckily, you can vote for more than just one by clicking here:

Our girl Cherise of #DSMA celebrated her 8th Diaversary yesterday. It's still not to late to tweet her Happy Diaversary @DiabetesSocMed

Ellen Ullman, an AMAZING Diabetes Advocate, type 3 and fantastical mom to a type 1 just got a new job that's right up her ally! Her new position is as a Case Manager for Holocaust survivors & other  elderly individuals. Separate from that, she's also training at the the Anti-Defamation League World of Difference Institute learning to facilitate anti-hate and anti-bullying conversations in schools and attending the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life.  Ellen is always the first up to step to the plate and bust diabetes myths and educate, plus she's always there for everyone -And regardless of which "type" of diabetes they live with. Tweet her some Congrats at: @CureT1Diabetes

Finally, did you know that June 15th is National Native American Citizenship Day, National Law Enforcement Day, National Nature Photography Day and National Flip Flop Day?
Now you do!

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