Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And So It Begins....... Children With Diabetes Friends For Life

And I couldn't be happier!

It seems like I've waited forever for this day to arrive, and now it finally has! I checked in the hotel late last night and immediately ran into friends I haven't seen since the last time I was here in Orlando - And of course we picked up right where we left off! They made me sit and eat with them, luggage and all and we laughed and talked and a fantastical time was had by all!
And this morning in the lobby by the Starbucks I ran into friends who I'd never met in real life but I consider friends none the less.
And now that I'm all registered and am wearing my Children With Diabetes Friends For Life, Green Bracelet - my diabetes talisman and touchstone  - And the key to coming home - And  I feel at home and among family.

And that my friends is a wondrous & beautiful thing!


Misty said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it.. Hope you have a wonderful time-wish we were there:)

Lora said...


Karen said...

Is it bad that the thing that made the biggest impression on me about this post is THAT THERE IS A STARBUCKS IN THE LOBBY THANK GOODNESS????? Yeah, I know, I'm terrible.

See you tomorrow!!

Nicté said...

Oh man! Just reading about it makes me nervious
Thanks to your post about it, Ive made it my goal to go next year!
Hopefully I will get to meet so many persons as cool as you so, do tell all the details so I can figure out how to do it when I go there!!

Have tons of fun!

Mike Hoskins said...

Have a blast, Kelly! Can't wait to read all the blogs and tweets about it. Oh, and yes: thank goodness for that Starbucks in that lobby!!!

Scully said...

that's hilarious guys because just an hour ago I checked to see if there was a starbucks nearby before I got there. yeah, that's what I look for before I travel somewhere!