Monday, November 19, 2012

But Seriously... Do You Think My Pancreas Knows?

Writer's block. Complete and utter writers block. Tomorrows post is almost finished and Wednesday's is 3/4's done - but as far as today - I got nothing.

Except...... Sometimes I wonder if my pancreas is as tired of not working as I am of it not working.
Does it ever wonder why it crapped out and does it ever try to kick-start itself after 35 years of doing nothing as far as insulin production is concerned.
Does my pancreas take passive agressive crap from the other organs for dragging them down and affecting their synergy as a whole - Or have they collectively accepted it and adapted their own behaviors to over compensate for my pancreas' lackluster performance.
Is my pancreas hip to the fact that it's not so secretly been replaced with an electronic pancreas that runs on batteries, is clipped to my hip and is filled with short acting insulin that is continually (as in damn near close to 24X7,) being siphoned through an infusion set and tubing and continually and subcutaneously into my person?
And has my pancreas caught on to the fact that a multitude of glucose meters do their best to do the monumentious job of regulating my blood sugar - A task that my pancreas is no longer capable of doing.
Does my pancreati suffer from performance anxiety when it's time for it to secrete digestive enzymes?
And yes, I realize I'm personifying an organ of my body - But that's nothing new. Some people have been known to actually name certain exterior body parts, (cough, cough, get your mind out of the gutter, but yes that's where I was going) so don't judge.

But seriously, this is the stuff I think about when I have writer's block and attempt to do a free write exercise and I was just wondering if I'm completely nuts or have you ever wondered the same?


Christina said...

My college roommate used to call my pancreas "a lazy house guest." It's living, but it's not contributing to the greater whole. I bet it totally gets passive agressive flack from other organs. Probably the stomach and the liver.

Cara said...

I love you. You crack me up. That is all.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! GOOD questions!